Multiplayer games freezes on Xbox

I’ve had this issue since February atleast when playing single player scenarios. I reported it as soon as I figured out how and have been patiently waiting for a fix. It’s really disappointing it hasn’t been fixed yet. Just got an update 05/16/24 for the game so let’s see if that fixes the issue. Like someone else said, game is basically unplayable when you have to stop and save every few minutes in an attempt to get through a game that might take 2 hours.

Did the update work by any chance?

Just tried a skirmish 1vs1 against AI. Xbox series X.
It froze up at 11 mins.
Still not working…

Can confirm. Made it about 20 mins before it froze.

I have been having this issue for months and it just froze again at 24 minutes in multiplayer, even after the new update. The game has literally been bricked for months- it’s unbelievable to me that the devs haven’t even acknowledged this.

If the devs care- this has caused my entire friend group to stop playing the game.

Can you play now with new(Xbox?) account???

Dont stop guys we need raise awarness about this non fixed bugs

been about almost 3 months and since the latest hotfix did not fix this, this likely will take at least another 1.5-3 months.


This is still happening kknda ridiculous


Can you guys please fix this??

We paid for a product that hasn’t worked for the last 4 months. No communication. No acknowledgement of the issue. Pathetic. Just try to win in under 20 minutes and then restart the game before your next match!