Multiplayer Player Colour Stuck on Green

Is anyone else having an issue where you pick a player colour (color for you Americans) and then when you start the game it changes your colour on you?

Over the past couple of months every time I host a multiplayer game, no matter what colour I select, I always end up green and one of the other players (sometimes ally, sometimes opponent) ends up green as well. It only seems to be when I host a game though. If I join a game someone else is hosting my chosen colour seems to stay no worries?


Make sure that you don’t have “friend or foe” colors enabled, the default hotkey for switching on and off is Alt + G. And if it happens to not being related to “friend or foe”, make sure that you don’t have any GUI mod that could change your player colors enabled, as well as having modified data on your game.


This was happening to me hosting games in unranked lobby, but with blue color, dont remember exactly when or with which patch, it was 1 month ago, 2 months ago maximum. Could not find games in unranked so stopped playing there (not related to the color issue).

It was vevy annoying I had to explain it everytime whenever someone picked blue and they were like wtf blue is not even picked…

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Whoops, forgot to reply to this!

No I have unique colour players on, but I have to turn it off every time I end up matching someone else as a better player used that to sneak in and clear my base.

The only mods I have are tech tree and crimson blood and small trees. No modified data as far as I’m aware? How would I check this?

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Hmm, this is happening in unranked private lobbys with friends for me :frowning_face: It’s been happening since beginning of April for me.

Several people in our community are reporting this bug. When certain players open an unranked lobby, they get a certain colour no matter what colour they choose or if someone else picks that colour, often resulting in two players with the same colour.

I, for instance, always get orange when I host a lobby. As we use an external matchmaking for our games and then host unranked lobbies to play those games, that pretty much means I (and a few others) can’t host lobbies for us because we’ll get bugged colours.

It’s a really weird bug that I don’t have any explanation for and it persists over several patches now.

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Yea it’s really weird. I’m in that exact same boat. It’s only when I host the game. I’m always green.

I tried disabling all my mods and restarting the game but no luck.

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  • Platform: Steam / Microsoft Store
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Every time I host a mach my color is set to green, this happened first while hosting a 1v1v1 at the arena map and picking the color, since them I have been forced to use the color no matter what game I’m playing and regardless if there is another green player (In that case we both show as green).

Uninstaling the game and reeinstaling it doesent fix, as of today I haven’t modded age of empires yet.

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Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Host a game named 1v1v1 NOOBS Arena, with 3 players and pick the colour green.
  2. Pick the Italians as your civ.
  3. Set the game mode to regicide.
  4. Start any another game and pick a different colour, I was still green.

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Its not really a game by game issue, I’m always the green player whenever I’m hosting, when I’m not hosting I’m able to pick coloursnormaly.

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This might be related to Two players can be assigned the same color

Also having this issue, and it affects when I host multiplayer matches only. It seems to only affect players 1-4, assigning them colors red, orange, teal, blue in that order. In many instances it will assign more than one player the same color.

I had a relative test this bug and it does not affect the color when they host, which leads me to believe there is a local file in my Steam folders that is forcing the first four players into specific colors when I host.

Does anyone know which file assigns player color in multiplayer?

I’m still having this issue. New PC as well.