Multiple Oovoo Exploit

Hey there,

Was just playing a 4v4 with my buddies and we noticed a guy on the other team built like 8 oovoo’s as the Mongols (for those that don’t know, you are supposed to only be able to have 1 at a time. Building a new one demolishes the previous one.) He was absolute garbage aside from the exploiting, as most people who cheat typically are, but it was curious. Seems it hasn’t been reported yet.

We watched the game and saw how he did it and were able to easily recreate it. When you start building another oovoo, cancel it after the worker starts on it at least 2 times and rebuild it and it wont demolish the previous one. It seems you can cancel it as many items as you want after 2 and it still works, but it has to be a minimum of 2 times. Then you can have infinite oovoo’s which breaks the game for mongols.

Luckily this guy didnt know anything about how to play aside from how to exploit, but a decent player could dominate anyone using this.

Edit: Weird i searched for it and nothing came up. good to know its been reported already then.


The devs know about it: Mongol can have multiple ovoos

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