Music stuttering in main menu

Age of Empires DE Update 38862
Windows 10


Hi guys,

Never had this issue before, only since the latest patch.
When I’m in the main menu part of the game all the music and campaign intro voices are stuttering.
In the game itself it is all good.

However, when I press ESC in the game to load up the menu, the music starts to stutter again.

Anybody else with this issue?

Reproduction Steps:

Happens at game start in all main menus and campaign screens as well as when pressing ESC in the game to open the menu box.




Also, music in the Main Menu is still suffering from a bug (introduced in update 36211) preventing the song to be played on a loop. It was an annoying bug involving lots of songs, and got almost entirely fixed in update 38862, except for this song.

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