My advice of the new civilizations

First of all,friends,my advice is just for game,not for politics,we all want this game better.
My advice is:
Asia:Korea,Vietnam,Myanmar,Malay,Tatar,and can send card to make Chinese army and Japanese army more modernize,just like War of Liberty(for example,Weiyuanjiangjun Cannon and Huai army rifleman to China).
Middle East:Persia,Afghanistan,Oman,Saudi
Central Asia:Kazak,Uzbek,Turkman
Latin:Brazil(can revolution to Uruguay,Rio Grande),Columbia(can revolution to Venezuela,Ecuador,Bolivia)
North America:USA can revolution to CSA
South America:Mapuche,Guarani
Europe:France and Dutch can revolution to Belgium,Russia and Ottoman can revolution to Chechen and Circassia,Russia can revolution to Georgia ,Germany can revolution to Austria,Prussia and croatia,Spain revolution to Paragury.add Poland(can revolution to Ukraine,Lithuania),Denmark(can be revolution to Norway),Bosnia,Serbia,Greece,Bulgaria.
Oceania: Australia,Maori,Tonga


I’m not sure how you can justify Denmark being a revolt to Sweden but that’s just me.


I personally would really like Greece as a civ, but I do admit that maybe it would fit better as a rev than as a civ. The same could be said of Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria.

The problem with SouthAm is that those civs were so interconnected in war and peace that adding one would mean that eventually you’d have to add the other ones.

Love it. 200% agree.


Solid suggestions. However I think there are several great candidates missing here: Danes, Omani, Somali, Songhai and Siamese.
In my opinion the best candidates for new civs would be the following:
Europe: Poles and Danes
Middle East: Persians and Omani
Central Asia:Uzbeks and Afghans
South East Asia: Siamese, Burmese and Vietnamese
East Asia: Koreans.
Africa: Kongolese, Shona, Songhai, Somali
Latam: Brazilians, Colombians, Argentines

With the Poles and Persians being the main priority.


Oh,I forgot the Siamese

Sorry,but if the Mircosoft make Denmark as a civ will be better,but they may not do it.

I would say that these are mostly good choices but I wouldn’t expect this large amount of civs.
Personally I’d say, if we eventually get new civs, we’re probably going to get:
1st: Brazilians
2nd: Persians and Omani (if Middle Eastern theme) or Persians and Siamese (if overall Asian theme)
3rd: Argentinians
4th: Hawaiians and Maori (following a Polynesian theme)
Anything beyond that becomes too hard to predict (a return to an African Expansion, an exclusively South East Asian Expansion, another European Expansion, a South American Native Expansion?) but I believe this would be the “smartest” way to expand the game.


i dont know what they will add, or if they will add more

but if i had to be a fortune teller and base my prediction on current content i imagine Poland and Denmark will be a dual DLC, say a “kings of the baltics” DLC. both are currently lagging from revolutions, and we dont even have say livonia and norway from sweden, which could have easily had those options, i doubt this is a random choice.


Well, I’ll make my prediction:
Next DLC: Crescent Moon.
2 new civs:
Persian (asian civ)
Culture: NEW: arabic
Shared units (Ottomans: Yoruk, Imam) (Indians: Zamburak)

Morocco/Barbary States (african civ)
ulture: NEW: arabic
Shared units (Ottomans: Imam)

Ottomans new architectural style: arabic

So, we have completed: 3 african civs, a new asian civ.

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It doesn’t make sense neither in historical perspective nor in the game

Paraguay has his capital Asunción named “Mother of cities” because it founded more than 70 cities; Buenos Aires, Corrientes, Concepción del Bermejo, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santiago de Jerez and Ciudad Real etc.

The movement of the “comuneros” at the year of 1717 was a independence precedent when nobody else had a spark of autonomy in the region

A part of his history is shared with the Guaraní, since the amazon and his battles against dutch and portuguese until the andean foothill and the invasión of the collasuyo before the incan civil war, the long lasting chiriguanos and their dominance in the region for hundreds of years making it “the wild west of southamerica” stoping the advance of the virreynato, so as their alliance and mixing with the conquistadores

The sheer particularities of the country made it a better suited option for a full fledged civ (time frame, culture, battles)

Like, c’mon, do people really want jet another slavocrat copy-paste with a twitch here an there civ in the roster?


As far as Morocco is concerned, they already have a fairly complete European template for the Moroccan country. Historically, countries in the North African region of Morocco have a significant difference from those in sub Saharan Africa. Europeans closer to the Mediterranean may be better off becoming countries with a European mechanism. The African mechanism is reserved for new African countries that may be added to the south of Congo. In this way, I would rather see a Persian country emerging with an Asian national mechanism, Morocco emerging from the European State Mechanism

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None of these civs are Arabic.


I don’t want Paraguay as a colonial civ, but a Guarani civ with significant Paraguayan and Jesuit elements could be great.


Si agregan los persas de seguro tendrán un modo de avance diferente a los asiáticos y a los europeos. Yo creo que tendrán un edificio único y para pasar de edad se tendrá que ir agregando habitaciones al mismo

Yes, I’ve suggested more than civs than we’ll probably ever get in the game, I just listed all civs that would be valid candidates.

But in my opinion at least the Poles and Persians should join the game. They were too important to be left out.

And while most of the civs suggested more or less complement or expand on other regions the game has already featured (for them example, Brazilian being a federal civ or the Shona using African cattle mechanics),
I also think some civs from South East or Central Asia could also enrich the game with units, architecture and maybe even mechanics we still haven’t seen.

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Turn all the revolutions into civs. Confuse the whole game. :rofl:

Jokes aside, I’d like to see some of the revoutions as civs since we’ve moved the bar on the timeline. Would love to see the game include Hungary, Romania, Brazil, Canada, and Gran Colombia as full civs.

Could also include Indonesia as an interesting hybrid of Western and Asian mechanics, using export and wonders but also arsenals and mosques. And Haiti would also be interesting, they could have access to unique haitian versions of pirates and corsairs regardless of map, instead of normal outlaws. And get polish Uhlans as a unique card just like the U.S. do.

Is it good that we’re so focused on the last century in the game’s timeline?


Oh,I forgot the Siamese

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what kind of suggestion is that? Totally out of reality. you literally suggested turning Turks and Farsi into Arabic. lol :smiley:


Thank you friend,I had already change it,you can see the new one.