My apologize: this graphic is really amazing

As you know, i opened and replying to different threads about my concern on the art style. However i took a bit of my time to analize, frame by frame, video “behind the scenes” and i changed my opinion. Let me explain through screenshots that i’ve saved and uploaded for you:

  1. first image shows 4 pikemen and a priest. You can see how many details are on single units. Pikemen have pieces of plate armor and a tradition medieval helmet (the same seen in Braveheart). Models are good and they seem Coh2 in some way

2)second image shows a model processing of a tree. Also here, really good detail

  1. this image shows a light british cavalry. The knight has some pieces of plate armour and a long spear. Horse model is good too.

  2. Soldier with crossbow in full plate armor.

  3. field and gold mine

6)men at work

  1. mounted explorer

8)bridge and some merchant

  1. the town hall

  2. men at arms with axes and full plate armour
    photo upload

  3. trebuchet

  4. mongolian cavalry

  5. heavy mongolian infantry

  6. mongolian townhall

  7. mongolian men at work

  8. mongolian general (maybe Gensis Khan?)

So, after seeing all these image i can say that artist are doing a great work. They have to improve only some models, as mongolian general and infrantry, and i’m thinking that engine will improved as well before the final release.

Do you think we’ll see some zoom in options as Total war series? Teaser suggests so.

That’s all.


all this fuss about graphics is silly


Yeah it’s boring to discuss about that, they also said in an interview that they are not gonna make every single fan/nostalgic happy but just the major part.

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This community is at its best when filled with strongly opinionated people who are willing to evaluate additional evidence, make concessions, and change their minds.

Great post, @nonlosojimmy. And tremendous use of images to show us your thoughts.


As long the discussions are constructive and not only criticism and derogatory. People should also understand what kind of game we are talking about. I seen people comparing AoE4 to Spellforce3 and that silly (at least for me) - I wasted like 5-6h by watching Spellforce3 gameplay and that game looks like more a worst version of POE/Diablo, do not hate me but that’s my feelings.


Yeah, I think for the most part we do an excellent job of keeping the opinions to be about the game and not about each other.


Sorry for the quality, I don’t do memes usually :grin:


These are his previous works

Farcry 2 and 3 were Amazing

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other screenshots taken by 4k image (on 3djuegos source)


url di un immagine




nice post! I think that is very good

the pic of the video… is a pic of VIDEO (no matter if it’s 4K)… is a video.

the real impression must be in the GAME, playing the game

so, the graphics may be really impressive :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


niceeeee topic! :smiley:

Thank you for your message and the explanations. The game is going in the right direction.

I love footage from 2019.
Beautiful graphics and animations in that direction, developers must go.

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The best topic! clear and concise.

Developers in 2019 went in the right direction.
Beautiful graphics and animation.

This is fine

The engine is pretty good.
Regarding the design, vegetation and most of the architecture is rather good too (apart those Victorian chimneys…).
However when it comes to the units I can’t agree, they look horribly cartoonish, their huge weapons are silly and their gears are pure clichés without any historical research behind (at least within the English).

They’re still cartoony. If this was a spin-off series called Age of Empires: LEGO then I would agree.

I made this thread two Years ago and as you can see the units and models seem much more detailed and Building have a good sizes.

What’s happened From that trailer?

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Yes, they seem a bit cartoonish but they seem models at least

They indeed look so much better.
It’s impressive how they managed to downgrade them in just a year and a half. They must have put in great efforts for that purpose :smiley:

Units look natural in their environments and still project a modern graphical edge despite their art style.
Really, what happened?

I really Hope the last gameplay was running on medium setting. It would be a good reason.