My favourite color

I can choose my favourite color now with this mod.Thanks for the creator of the mod



Says single player only, though. Are we ever going to get a true ability to mod the game?

yep,single player only.Waiting for the summer Patch.


This is messed up , literally modding tools are the best tools we have in the entire aoe franchise , the posibilities are almost endless

That mod uses simple variables to change player positions , its not a real color picker , it just changes the position and team of the player to be a certain color.

It is structured like that for now.

Imo it should work on mp if the creator added an option to change other 7 player colors smh

can u use it in ranked matches?

At the moment,singel player only.

Are you saying the opinion I posted is messed up, or the situation with mods in the game is messed up?

If the former, I stand by my opinion. The majority of the most downloaded mods in AoE II DE are all QoL features that can be used in ranked play. In AoE 4, I can’t even sort mods by number of downloads, but sorting by rating, I can’t see a single QoL feature mod that can be used in ranked play. So if they are the best tools in the franchise, they don’t appear, as yet, to have been used to provide the types of mod that are most popular in AoE II DE.

The fact i cannot pick my own or a.i colours at release in custom games is so disappointing. Especially when you load up Age of Empires 2 and 3 and see just how many more options including colour choices you have for custom games!

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Thank you very much to the mod creator.

Is it not possible with the mod tools to include the color selection for example next to the team information?

I think it should not need a separate tab on the right side for everything. This I find at least in this case not good design.

Mods in Aoe2 , UI MODS bring so many advantadges for the user using it , it is obvious that the editor is capped to not allow ranked mods .

QoL mods? see Advanced Game Sttings or Nomad Mod.

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Why should you use it? Ranked is meant to be the core game but with a competitive ladder and different roles . Why should you have mods to increase your advantadges in COMPETITIVE GAMES?

This is what aoe2 does wrong . People should not use Mods on competitive ladder

Some UI mods of aoe2 can be considered as HACKS lmao

There’s no advantage because the mods are available to everyone. They just make the game more enjoyable to play. For example, I’d like to replace all the monochrome icons in the AoE 4 actions panel with colour icons like those in AoE 2. It wouldn’t provide an advantage because everyone could use them if they wanted. I’d also like to replace the age-based hotkeys in AoE 4 with a flat structure like AoE 2, again it would be available to everyone who prefers it.

will have to disagree, there’s still a strict filter for UI mods to follow to work in ranked, at least in 3 DE, likely 2 DE as well, ever made a UI mod yourself, i’ll guess the answer is no, but i have, ik what i’m talking about, did a bit in 2 DE, and made quite a bit in 3 DE

have you made mods on aoe4? probably not , you can INDEED make UI mods on Aoe4 , they just wont work in ranked .

Its obviously done on purpose .

But what if one user has the mod and other user dont? :eyes: , then you have an advantage right?

so its useless atm. I expected mods worked on mp

It would be their choice to not use it. It’s like saying going to feudal age is cheating because you have an advantage over your opponent who chooses to stay in dark age.

i did, just never posted, specifically because of that limit, to elaborate, implementing a filter that 2 and 3 DE have for ranked play mods would cost them nothing compared to complexity of editor itself, also using those mods was always a thing in age, and since that filter exists, you can’t make custom files, you’re limited to what devs offer, including available triggers, having more readable icons for multiplayer would help a ton but i can’t make use of it outside of custom games section

as for it being like cheating, imagine being forced to use a cheat engine for usable zoom and more importantly usable ingame UI, assuming you don’t like default look as is

imagine forcing people to install a mod to make trees smaller . (in order to play in competitive)

Neither of the two games are perfect. Moding tools of Aoe4 are still on beta though :slight_smile:

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