My grid mods were flagged by an admin

Can I get an explanation why?


@DodoNotDoDo Can we have this looked at? (false positive?)

I unflagged them so they should show up again now. We’ll be revisiting how the flagging works to help avoid unwarranted removals.


Maybe require a certain ratio of flags/likes or flags/downloads. Otherwise every popular mod is likely to get affected simply by virtue of being popular and getting a small proportion of flags.

Or better yet, don’t hide them automatically but keep them visible while internally asking for a review.

EDIT: It doesn’t even need to be trolls doing this. It’s very believable that after several thousand downloads, there are 3 people who didn’t restart the game after subscribing, and were thus upset enough at it not working, to flag the mod.
Mods should be hidden after manual review, not until manual review.


Don’t really know where to reach out, so im trying here.

When i download this mod and restart my game it gets removed from my Aoe2DE directory. Is it a know issue with any fixes?

@Kalibako see this thread.

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Given the number of issues with mods here, I’ve decided to offer the grid as a manual download as well:

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The mod issues should be fixed now if you want to give it a try again. If you continue to have problems, feel free to reach out.