My humble suggestions for some building VISUAL improvements

I don’t want to waste a good amount of nice discussions.

  1. British church does not change appearance at age 4. And Maltese is still using the Spanish church. There are a lot of real-world models that can be used for both. Anything that fits is okay.

  2. Inca and Aztecs should have a more “religious” community plaza in the form of temples, to separate them out further as a different culture group than Hauds/Lakotas.
    Aztecs can get the typical pyramid temple, and give the “Maya castle” a more proper model (such architecture was never used for forts, that’s a mistake since AOE2).

    I don’t see many good reconstructions of Inca temples. Are there good materials for that?

  3. Chinese village is out of place. The yurt is a typical Mongol (or steppe) thing and never is part of a “village” in the first place, and it looks very odd among the style of other Chinese buildings. Just replace the two yurt models with small houses consistent with the others.
    Do you really think "VILLAGE" should be nomadic ger(yurts)?
    The yurt model can be re-purposed for future central Asian civs, or neutral buildings.

  4. The Japanese “shrine” is not very “shrine” either. Feels more like a re-purposed normal house. We could keep the main structure and add some more shrine-like details such as a small torii gate and the shimenawa (large ropes). The Asian monastery in AOE2 is a good reference.

  5. I still think manor house should have its own model because why not. For example, like the one in the “terraced house” card:
    A more radical thought is to make it a true “manor” (larger than houses), like the manor in AOM, but that also affects gameplay so I’m not sure.

Feel free to add your ideas.

Disclaimer: by this thread I am:

  1. NOT implying these should be addressed asap, or the devs are not doing their job if they don’t.
  2. NOT blocking or neglecting any other thoughts that are not mentioned here.
  3. NOT requesting every other part of the game and every single detail in the game to be perfectly accurate.
  4. Only talking about visual improvements, which does NOT necessarily mean gameplay should not be improved accordingly.
  5. Fine either the devs made some improvements officially, or there is a mod for it, but because I’m not good at modding, I’d be happy if some creators would consider things discussed here as good mod ideas, but I’m also okay if nobody does anything.
  6. Asking for a new age 4 church model for British because every other civ has it, NOT because it is protestant.

On this I agree. They should have a more religious style building. As for the maya castle, it doesn’t make sense nor will it ever, since mayan people never had proper forts or equivalent structures. I’m not saying it should be removed, just pointing the fact that it’s innacurate.

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I believe they are changing it to “American castle” in the pup as Aztecs now also have access to them.
But the look is still not a proper one because that is a temple.

When I was in Japan I saw one that looked practically identical to what’s in-game. The AoE2 Monastery works well for that since those are larger, but I wouldn’t want 20 monasteries dotted across the map as houses.

Yeah they should be kept small. I’m just showing some small decorations like the ones in the AOE2 monastery, not talking about a larger structure.

My point is the model is not very iconic for a “shrine”. It’s a typical Japanese building style for a small house, so you’ll also see such structures in actual shrines. But to make it more “shrine”-like maybe it could get a few more iconic elements like torii and shimenawa.

Even better, since the unit also doubles as a house.

Well I’d say they should not have made the shrine a residential building in the first place. But that’s another question.
I’m only suggesting adding one or two shinto-themed details onto the current main structure.

Yeah exactly, neither of them had built such things as forts. I think instead of giving the aztecs the “american castle” card, they should just give them a card that buffs their war hut or noble’s hut, or maybe just ship some travois.

2 War Huts travois does, but it was nerfed after ixtilton effect change. Same with town dance and age up option. Ixtilton was nerfed but these werent reverted.

Also, aztec fortifications is the only one which doesnt buff walls/defenses HP while is unlocked the last in age IV.

You’re totally right. I was just trying to give an alternative to this “american castle” which doean’t make sense. Moreover, I don’t think every civ MUST have a fort like structure. There are ways to compensate for it.

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