My inputs freeze, (I cannot send input, but I do receive updates from server)

Hello fellow gamers,

I have been facing this issue for a while now in both Quick Play and Ranked.
My game stops taking any kind of inputs but the game is connected to the server. Others are micro-ing their units just fine. I can see my teammates do things. I can move my mouse around, see my units get slaughtered but cannot control them, neither the buildings or anything. I am left with no other option but to disconnect.

Has anyone faced this issue? Please help a fellow gamer out :frowning:

Could it be this bug?

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Hey PilgrimHYR,

Thanks for the response but my case is different it seems. I have not switched the keyboard input method, and I can select different buildings unlike wha’ts shown in this video. But I cannot send any of the command. I do receive updates form the server, its just that I cannot send any message/update to the server.
Seems like a server disconnect type of bug to me but not really sure.

Thanks for your help anyways!!

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