My list of suggestions after few days of playthrough

I’ve played most of the campaigns over a few days and I have a list of suggestions. They are mostly to reduce frustration and annoyances and QoL ideas. I have the Windows Store version.

Ability to give orders and scroll around screen when paused.

Ability to make units go back to original spot when in Defensive Stance. Or make it a separate toggle that can be activated in all Stances.

Ability to set default stance for units spawned from a building.

Extra option to add Gates to the gameplay. Off by default.

Autosave option for game to save every blank minutes.

Save menu should automatically create unique name for save file. So doesn’t have to be typed every single time.

Ability to set Transport ship to auto transport units between two places.

Ability to mark certain trees off limits for cutting.

Ability to set Scout to auto explore. At least one of your Scouts.

Ability to set Villager to auto repair things.

Much better pathfinding for units. It really seems terrible.