My mod not working (add palisade for Mongol)

I tried to add palisade for Mongol by using content editor

I cloned the chinese palisade gate, palisade wall and palisade bastion at ebps
then renamed them all like this E.g. building_defense_palisade_CHI >building_defense_palisade_mon
and builded a new mod
but nothing had changed when i open the game with tuning pack

Is there anything i missed? :S

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In every mod, Content Editor give differently bugs and errors. Content Editor is a very limited modding tool to use. There are lots of limitations. It only allows to access the assigned original variables and designated original files. Therefore, when you try to add something extra, it causes problems as the software tries to find it from the original location in the system where you don’t have any access. The totally custom files are possible but you need to know what you need to do. Otherwise, you will fail most of the time.

In conclusion, I don’t advice to change the original file name; but modify inside of it to make modding faster (time management), and call that original file name to build it.

I had used Sultanate Palisade Walls for Mongols to build and it was working. Or you can assign campaign civilization’s walls or palisade to use for Mongols. Of course you need to add Mongols to the race in the type.

For example, you need to make your Mongol villager (or even Mongol soldiers if you want) to build it directly. sbps > mongol > villager > squad engineer > add it to 1st Age grid to be able to build “Sultanate palisade or any custom building you prepared”. Mongol Civilization has lots of free space already in their grid^^.

Thanks for the reply, i thought i need to change file name to create a new building b4…
by following this How to add new building options on the Villager Grid Building TAB?
i am able to add palisade for mongol now :slight_smile:

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