My New Colloseum is Avalaible Now!

The link of the scenario : Mods Single - Age of Empires

My YouTube channel: Troteck - YouTube

The first time I talk about this project then I stopped for a long time but I got back on it and I finished a stable version : New Colloseum

I created this Colloseum from scratch, I wanted to do it my way and add some simple but cool concepts at the same time.

All the rules are constantly reiterated on your game screen so it doesn’t matter if you forget it’s written all along the game on your objectives on the right side of your screen.

This is a beta, so please bear with me, I’m alone on this scenario and I’m testing it myself in real life to observe the game balance.
I took a lot of my time to balance it as well as possible for its release
The list of features of my scenario:

  • All civilizations are available
  • You gain units every 200/500/800/1000/1200 enemies killed after 1400 it’s stat bonuses depending on your civilization
  • Playable for 8 players
  • Automatically age postimperial, so no need to put it before starting the game
  • System to get life back in your base when not fighting
  • Flag control system to get gold and wood to repair your fort or walls
  • Gold can also be used to buy couleuvrins to balance the game if one player gets artillery before the others
  • Anti-camping system, if too many units are in the fort the units around the flag will die
  • Maximum number of units 200 and not 200 population, I prefer to specify.
    I put a limit of 200 units so that the game is not too much impacted by fps drops especially with 8 players, after testing several times in real conditions it works very well in performance with 8 players
  • One more chance" system allows when your fort has 50% life to use a chance that will destroy any enemy in your base, you have a tent as an indicator in your base, if it’s there it means you haven’t used your second chance, if it’s not there then it means you don’t have a second chance
  • No super powerful unit


Hope you balanced Aztecs :stuck_out_tongue:
The coyote runner and skirm are op in post imp.
( Maybe nerf the attack speed, or DMG )

Is it possible to play this solo (versus bots)?

No sorry it’s not possible, and if I were to create a mod against ai it would be too complicated the AI has to figure out what uses its hero as a central unit and then move it to other units to produce and react to your attacks to counter you.
On the other hand it is possible to move the unit in a silly way to create units so it is possible but the ia does not know how to change unit to react to a certain attack for example you made cavalry and it will attack with crossbowmen

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So after your message I wanted to test to see if it was possible and for the moment the basic units can do it bahahahah

I’m trying an idea that has been in my head to see if it is possible


That is absolutely fantastic! I know multiplayer is supposed to be the peak of fun but if it’s not with my friends (in real life) or an extremely few people I interact with online (mostly on Discord), then I just don’t have the courage to play online :sweat_smile: It’s nice to hear bots can, even in a limited way, play this mode :smile:

We have that in Legacy tho °-°

I really like how you balanced Aztecs in WoL :skull_and_crossbones:

Do you have an example I would like to see if possible?

Well we have a newly created basic AI for that

Do you have an xml file of the ia or the map in question?

Its an AI, so its a basic code of an AI playing → .XS

static int QSelect = -1;

if ( QSelect == -1 )
    QSelect = kbUnitQueryCreate( "Select" );
    kbUnitQuerySetState( QSelect, cUnitStateAlive );
    kbUnitQuerySetIgnoreKnockedOutUnits( QSelect, true );

if ( index == 0 )
    kbUnitQueryResetResults( QSelect );
    kbUnitQuerySetUnitType( QSelect, unit );
    if ( owner >= 1000 )
        kbUnitQuerySetPlayerID( QSelect, -1, false );
        kbUnitQuerySetPlayerRelation( QSelect, owner );
        kbUnitQuerySetPlayerRelation( QSelect, -1 );
        kbUnitQuerySetPlayerID( QSelect, owner, false );
    kbUnitQueryExecute( QSelect );

return( kbUnitQueryGetResult( QSelect, index ) );

And so on

Would you also have the scenario to watch the behavior in game?

Add me on Discord → devilschils#0666 or Dr. Maxy on the official server

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I had an idea without using the ia it’s a little silly but it works well so see in the future

Technically you could also use triggers to do the same ^^
Just more annoying to do

I don’t know how to manipulate the xs file to get the result I want

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The way I understand this in my head, it seems to me that there is no way the bots will dictate how the match should be played. All they can do is react to what units you produce in order to produce the proper counter, or at least the proper equivalent. Right? In that case, it shouldn’t be complicated to do. Long and potentially annoying, but doesn’t look complicated :thinking:

yes, you would have to pay me to create a IA that you wouldnt cant beat in million of years

As Maxy said, you can use triggers. You can spawn armies and make them attack-move to certain places.