My new Colosseum minigame scenario (Rebirth of the Colosseum)

Hello Age 2 forum. Some of you might know me as duyhung2h, most of you might not. I’ve been an active mapmaker of Age of King Heavens, a website hosting age of empires 2 mods since 1999.

Honestly I have known about this forum for a while, since it’s an official Microsoft forum but I’m kinda tethered after seeing our community being divided before, and the lack of features of the official mod download page compared to AoKH and Steam Workshop (Seriously, you guys are still lacking a review system?) But now, I’ll try to leave the past behind and open to this newer community.

…Phew, I had to get it out of my chest.

So that’s why today, I’m proud to present my latest work, Rebirth of the Colosseum, which has been updated over the last few months, with a stunning amount of 1200+ triggers! This is v1.0.1, the completed version.
Immerse yourself in an alternative history after over 800 years. The big amphitheatre in the middle of Rome has been reopened to put war prisoners and slaves into a fight to the death.
Battle through attrition and conqueror your enemies, gladiators. See you on the battlefield.

Rebirth of the Colosseum - Official Trailer

Rebirth of the Colosseum download page
Rebirth of the Colosseum download page on AoKH

I’m also the author of Gensokyo - Season of Calamity, a fantastical scenario involving Japanese youkai war, which is also worth a try:

Age of Empires - Mods - Gensokyo - Season of Calamity

… And various other projects, all of them can be found here::

BTW, silly question, but how do you change Microsoft avatar profile pictures?

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