My problem with AOE3

As a Starcraft 2 ex pro player I have a few things to say and hope they listen to some of this feedback.

-The game is SO slow.
I feel like a 25 min game could easily be a 15 min game. They should definitely increase the game speed and make it standard for all matches.
Starcraft 2 began with normal speed and people realized it sucked so they changed to fast speed and look how great the game became after that.
25 min matches became 15min matches and everybody was happy, both spectators and players.

-The overall unit response in this game is horrible (For multiplayer).
This plus slow game speed make AOE3 not that enjoyable to play for more competitive players IMO.

-Game is VERY laggy.
Now combine these 3 things and BAM! you have a slow and sad experience.
The thing that I don’t understand is that even if I play in my server, which is like 60 ping, it feels like I’m playing on NA or EU (120-200 ping).

-The pathing is very bad.
Units get stuck inside buildings and sometimes they don’t respond to your orders.

-The AI is bad. Very bad.
I began playing on the hardest difficulty and got super dissapointed that I could beat it so effortlessly 1v1. The campaign is so easy aswell. Hard difficulty gives 0 challenge because the AI does nothing.

-Multiplayer lobby is slow and bugged.
Can’t scroll down and it’s actually laggy to use.

-On team ranked matches you can actually play with randoms vs premade teams.

-Inca is weird. Every unit looks the same and the voice of the units sound low.

That’s all that I could remember. Thank you.

Please, Devs, fix these things so this game can actually grow and captivate new players. This game has so much potential that makes me sad to see it in this state.


This is the fastest age of empires game. You can win games in under 15 minutes. Why would the dev’s fundamentally change the pace of the game?


When you rush, yes. What I’m talking about is having a decent macro game in under 15 minutes.
Units move very slowly and it’s annoying when you’re trying to kite or counter attack.
It’s just my opinion though, I bet a lot of people like the game the way it is. I just think it would attract way more competitive players if the game was faster paced.

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-On team ranked matches you can actually play with randoms vs premade teams.

Yes, this was actually avoided in Ranked custom games in the past as you could tell before the game began what their ranks were and if they knew each other! Full details here: (feel free to add your own thoughts here too!!)

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I think the game was not designed as fast pace as starcraft 2. You might have noticed that the units will move slower when they are under attack. It seems that designers tried to prevent players from overly micromanaging their armies.

I don’t think it should be as fast paced as starcraft, but a bit faster nonetheless.

I noticed that the fast game speed option actually sucks too because everything is super fast.

What I think is optimal is just changing gather speed and unit speed, maybe advancement speed.

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Yeah, no. Of course it’s gonna feel slow to you if you’re a Starcraft fan. But making the game faster is pretty far from what the majority of AOE players want.

How are you so sure about that ? I believe people should consider the opinions from others outside the aoe3 community so they can understand what people think about watching and playing the game…

I think biased opinions are harmful for the development of the game and the community. I mean, I am a huge competitive games fan and I can’t see myself playing this game or joining the community in the state the game finds itself right now competitively.

Maybe you don’t care about competitive gaming and that is completely fine, but it’s undeniable that a healthy competitive comunity is essential for the growth of the game and the genre itself.

I am absolutely not saying that what I said is the correct approach, it’s just food for thought.

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Hello there. Not gonna happen. Sorry.

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As a long time aoe3 player the DE feels ok regarding game speed of course, but you are right about the responsiveness which is kinda bad.

Even though lag is ok imo (or I am just used to the horrible p2p teamgame aoe3 lag) the game feels a bit slower because of that.

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A lot of people in a lot of threads seem to be disappointed about this being a possibility.

Posted on this here also:

I am not sure about the game speed. Maybe I should play in a faster mode and try that out.

But +1 because of the other points. The game is really laggy (for no reason). Even if I play with a stable connection on my own server vs a AI it is laggy. With 60fps and sudden drops to 10fps and a “high” ping?? Not having these problems in other games and its the same for other guys I have spoken to.

And yes that makes the game feeling slow…at least slower as it should be :frowning:


Fast mode sucks imo. I meant changing things like gather speed and unit speed for example, not the whole game.

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