My proposed balance changes (for whenever we get a patch)

let me preface this by saying i think balance is largely in a good spot, and so my changes will probably be relatively minor. not all changes were originally my idea but i like them

Generic Unit Balance Changes

Steppe Lancer - cost reduced to 60 food and 40 gold.

Militia line - Longswordsman speed increased to 0.95. +1 attack vs buildings. cost of tech and training time reduced to 150 food, 40 gold, and 40 seconds.
Two Handed Swordsman - upgrade time reduced to 60 seconds, speed increased to 1.0. +1 attack vs buildings.
Champion - upgrade time reduced to 80 seconds, speed increased to 1.0. +1 attack vs buildings.

Civilization Changes

Chivalry and Bearded Axe swap locations.

CKN price increased by 5 gold.

Economic Upgrades cost 33% less and research 33% Faster
Revolution cost reduced - unlocks training of Flemish Militia at barracks and town center.

Serjeant - Speed increased to 0.95 in castle age and beyond.
Gain Thumbring

new civ bonus - hunted animals provide +20% food.

Infantry units gain +1/+1 armor in castle age.
age up is 75% faster. (debating this one)

Mameluke cost reduced to 55 food and 70 gold and training time reduced to 18/16 seconds.

Feitoria is removed as is, new feitoria replaces the market and it costs +50 wood, has more health, works 25% faster, and the commodity trading fee is only 20%. furthermore Guilds lowers this to 10%.

Gains Bracer


+1, nice

yep, makes a lot of sense, +1

+1, much needed nerf

Yes, this one seems very nice, Burgundians seem to fare pretty badly on pretty much all situations. Coustillier nerf hit them way too hard

I’d not agree with this, until after analyzing the result of the previous buff you stated.

Just reduce cost of Serjeant from Castle Age by 5g, and maybe drop in a slight Training time buff.

Sounds good, will make their late-game trash very scary, but it certainly doesn’t seem broken.

Yeah, +1, the heavy camel seems like a better choice almost every time right now

Not sure why give them this nerf? Definitely don’t think Port needs a nerf.

Just change the Steppe Husbandry UU to +1 range and +1 pierce armor to Kipchaks


most seems fine

militia line, add another. do bonus damage to palisade walls.

steppe lancer i’d rather see it’s hp increase and a bit of gold cost reduction.

i’d leave portuguese feitoria alone, in fact if people wish to buff it, just increase the resource generation by like 5-10% or something will be good enough.

magyars the same, leave bonus damage to wild animal as is, it will be interesting in maps with wild animals.

cumans with bracer doesn’t feel right, probably because their nomadic civ rather than ones doing the invasion like mongols. i’d say give them +1 range heavy cav that replaces the paladin.

This is more a buff then a nerf. it removes the current dumb islands only feitoria and replaces it with a market that has more health (Better for walling), researches/builds trade carts faster (in team games), and gets better exchange rates for resources when buying/selling. if you think that last one isn’t important go look at Saracens.


they have tried this numerous times, including pretty much doubling the rates and it still doesn’t see much use except on islands.

that bonus still exists. this is just a bonus on hunting being added to give them a little extra early game umph to get up faster.

I much prefer to have the Fetoria as is than this replacement. The Fetoria is just better than this new building would be. Especially as the +50 wood means an already slow civ gets an even slower uptime to castle.

the feitoria that is never used in 99% of games is better then a market that gets better trade rates and works faster? yeah okay.

make it build faster to compensate for all i care. but fact is that Portuguese has always been a slow late game oriented civ.

and that is fine, its like war elephants dont see much use except late TG.

then thats fine I guess, wouldn’t that duplicate the hunting of mongols already has, though there are no rules of similar bonuses/tech buffs, since we already got chinese farm and the new civ farm bonus, already overlapping somewhat.

that should be okay because of the lower cav armor. infact mongol’s hp boost will give them a stronger steppe lancer in early stage than all 3 other civs which mongol can use in castle age, more choice than the mangudai meta then they got right now.

its not duplicating. the mongols gather food faster. this is more like the mayans bonus but only for hunting.

thing is - mongols are already hte best civ for steppe lancers so giving them even more health is a bit of a problem.

i thought u meant mongol’s cav hp boost…

would they be best in late imp due to lack of last armor? we probably wouldn’t know until someone test this, it feels they’d get rekt by cav archers even with more hp.

btw, does anyone ever research that saracen UT which buffs monk’s armor? i havent seen much or hear much of it tbh. i guess with their market buff, gold comes easier early game so they could do a monk strat?

doesn’t matter. most games don’t reach late imp.

working faster is very cool, but only useful in TG, so that part is 1v1 nerf. For better rates, yes also cool, but it’s basically replicating what the Fetoria does, but with extra steps. I’d much rather just have the Fetoria then.

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except not unlimited and useful before imperial age and doesn’t tie up population space…

if you target most balance towards early game, then game would become boring in a way that its only designed for competitive gaming, and thats probably not how they want their game to be.

though competition is important and viewership for them is important i dont see they’d sacrifice this aspect to have less variety. otherwise we’d argue that a lot of late imp stuff should be totally removed since most games are 1v1/2v2 conquest in competitive scenes.

do me a favor. go look at all the best civs and tell me what you notice? they all have early bonuses going for them.

Good one, they were way too good at winning early imp battles due to faster cavalier and knight production

the ckn isnt the best unit but the nerf is ok

good bonus thou they are going to lose their identity somehow

well if it does that then reduce its cost atleast

thumbring would be nice thou the problem with the searjant isnt rlly its speed but its low attack so making it higher would be nice

they rlly need a dark age bonus to shine so it is very good

NO! that is a very op buff. The kipchack is already a good unit that doesnt need any busffs

this seems like a good buff

got nothing to say about this bc i rarely play either civ and i cant say where they need buffs

Yeah, so it’s just fine as it is. I much prefer what the Fetoria can do than a slightly cooler market would.

you literally quoted me saying “Cost reduced” and say to reduce the cost…

let’s give an incredibly tanky unit more attack, what could go wrong?

not in imperial age isn’t. and especially not since the nerf.

yeah well most people seem to disagree with you on this. they hate the feitoria as is.

not necessary, in 1v1 I’d research guild, which working faster helps access to that tech.

A lot of people also hate the coustillier charge mechanic… and it’s probably here to stay regardless :slight_smile:

not to mention the better effect with it being only 10% not 15%. (and 20% at the start not 30%).

i haven’t seen much hate on the coustillier charge since the nerf.