My Proposed Changes for the upcoming balance patch

I mean by that logic, what do you consider a siege civ?

yeah, and the civ was sitting at a sub 40% winrate at the highest level until the leitis was buffed.

i’m not saying that they need Parthian Tactics, but the way the released the civ left a lot to be desired.

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Are you sure they move faster than average Cavalry Archers and in a very large numbers they are esentially devasting.

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Ethiopians, Celts, Slavs, Mongols

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Yeah, but in this time their Relic bonus affects all their Cav - and FU+ Hussars + FU CavArchers were OP. Now they have generic FU Hussars, so with FU CA they wiil be not stronger than Magyars, Cumans or Bulgarians.

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and i would put Koreans one tick below those. at best

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They supposed to break pierce armor but they can’t even kill Aztec (they have the weakest armor) Eagles and missing bracer is crucial because you don’t have the extra range (which is really needed for Kipchaks) and the +1 damage.

Yeah, BELOW.
Alongside with Khmer

I wish why Lithuanians lose the Relic Bonus to the Light Cavalry, to be honest it wouldn’t be bad if they get it again

Also the bonus would be thematically complete again.

and many people consider Khmer a Siege civ. including the devs if you look at the civ guide.


they don’t get relic bonus to their LC.

They had it at release but at this time the Relic bonus was up to +5 attack.

The +1 Range from Bracer would be better than Chemistry, and Cumans one of the only civs not to have any Gunpowder units, meaning they do not actually need Chamistry as a gateway to other units or techs…
It would also have novelty factor.

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When Rise of Rajas released they had BBT which was gamechanging. Khmers have a hard time vs Siege+Halb like Celts (altought they can defense well vs castle age siege pushes) civilizations because they don’t have block printing and they lost BBTs

Their Hussars were simply too strong. And with bonuses for Skirms and Halbs Liths were powerhouse during trashwars. Still are.


@CheshireWig3203 and @FurtherLime7936 can you at least agree that if the Leitis is nerfed (and yes, a cost adjustment that increases the gold cost is a nerf), they would at least need some form of compensation?

They do have nearly FU Trash, bonuses to Trash, and BBC, besides their stellar Cavalry. I do notr think they are one-dimensional at all.

Lithuanians have a lot of options.

I don’t think it if you know to deny the bonus, afterall it depends on how many Relics you have.
Also don’t ignore that Malian Light Cavalry get +5 attack with Farimba and Bulgarian Hussars get 33% faster attacks with Stirrups, yes those are paid benefits but with nearly same boosts.

their BBC lack Siege Engineers, and while their trash is great, they are lagging behind economically over other civs.

I don’t think so because they trash units were buffed beside Leitis. They still wouldn’t be that expensive although they need castles to be created and they still would have strong stats. Maybe they should get Parthian Tactics.