My reskin project

I always want to make an immersive cultural reskin for all of units in AOE2.
So far, I have finished some skins of villagers for the Sinosphere culture.
here’re some review.


Mini one-man hwacha planned to replace elite skirmisher


This work take a lot of time, but some day I hope to finally get there and cover all the units of every civ in the game.


Try placing the unit side by side with the ingame villager,from this screen shot only its difficult to give proper feedback.

At a first glance your unit looks darker and skinner than the ingame villager.

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I feel the same way too, tried to scaled them up before, but scrap that idea since I tend to replace the original villager too.

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Could you do reskins for the monks. There were some plans for this which later got scrapped for some weird reason.

What do this picture comes from? Is it the plan of the FE group in future?

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It was a plan they had in the past, I think the screenshot comes from an interview.

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looks really cool :blush: :smile: :smile:

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Do they continue to do it now? Looking forward to it!

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Nah, it was cut as far as available information shows.

Almost forgot about this image, yes, I have planned for monk units, this will be a great reference in the future.

I finished some variaty skin of male villager. Tried to scale their size up a bit to match the body proportion of base game.

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Units still look dark to me.

Some slavic and north Europe type of clothes and animation for fisherman.

I found it’s hard to remake the base animation, so I just kinda inspire my own.

Improve the animation and rotate the net to make another version. Idk which one is more realistic…

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what rendered you used in blender?

i used Eevee for these review. Cycles give a much better lightning and shading but take more time. For final smx file I plan on using cycle.

hwacha-with smokefire-lancer-animation

Trying some smoke/flame effect in animation. Just the animation, not yet making armor for them.

I have no idea how chinese fire-lance was used in combat, so I just copy how Stronghold warlord do it. The re-ammo action is tottally just my inspiration, if they carry the dynamites behind their back, they gotta try to use them some how right?

Meso-american villagers.


Looks good,you are making a variation per age?

They’re for Mayan, Aztec, and Inca. Per age per skin idea is very cool, but that meant we have to add more units to the game, which I think would break the AI and be harder to maintain after every patch.

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Is it possible to give different skins to different civilization villagers now?in the original game and HD it was not possible.

LOL you just gave me a reality check. Just did the check on AGE, and yeah I think it’s possible in DE.

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It’s possible, but it’d need to be part of a datamod.