My wish for Age of Empires 4: Add Hero Units

It would be nice if we can use hero units not only in the campaigns. I hope there will be also hero units in regular games in the upcoming AOE 4

they confirmed that in interviews

All right let’s talk about facts that are no longer a secret: Special and hero units are confirmed for Age of Empires 4, with the Mongols the Khane take over this function. One of the abilities of these leaders is prominently presented in the trailer, without the viewer noticing it at first glance: The falcon who uncovers the British settlement at the beginning of the video does the same in the game.

The winged scout can be sent out by special ability (probably with cooldown) to uncover the Fog of War on the selected location on the map, then circles for a while and provides the Mongols with such important information about the enemy forces. Say hello to the drone of the Middle Ages!


Thanks for the info!