Nations in Age 4 - Appeal to game developers

What nations you add to the Age of Empires 4?
Will the Poles finally see Poland in Age of Empires 4?
A lot of modifications and DLC appeared for Age of Empires 2. Today there is only Slavic nation which is more similar to Russian than Polish.
Please read about Poland in Middle Ages and you will find out that it could be playable nation.
Poland was one of the sides in the Battle of Grunwald, which was one of the greatest battle in Middle Ages. In Battle of Grunwald fought about 66 thoundsands people (on both sides) and Poland won with the Teuthonic Knights.

It would be fantastic if we could see polish winged hussars in new Age of Empires, but it depends when you (developers) want to finish history in game (in what date). Because Polish winged hussars appeared in beginning of XVI century.


They said they are gonna put less civz than AoE 2, this means less than 13. They also said that’s mid age starting earlier than AoE2 and finishing abit later. I suppose they are gonna do DLC/expansions to add more civz so cross your fingers.

So, probably I could see polish nation in 35th DLC :smiley:

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Well I was hoping for AoE1 civz but I doubt that’s gonna happen. Let’s see what they are gonna do for sure Britons/Mongols and I would say French/Chinese/Japanese/Persians for sure. There are so many civz good for this game. It’s hard to make everyone happy.

You are right. But I think it starts to get boring that the British, German, French and etc. always appears in games.

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I do not think so, AoE is 50% campaigns and there’s a lot more history on certain countries rather then others, so it’s easier to work there.

English are confirmed and we’ll almost certainly get Franks/French in the base game. I hope we get a Persian civ too as they tend to be a favourite of mine in games in which they appear.

From the gist of what has been said so far it seems we’re looking at a Dark Ages -> Renaissance (or perhaps as late as 17th century) kind of age scope, so that gives plenty of scope for all kinds of potential civs.

My main concern would be which civs are going to be DLC, because knowing Relic they will be working on DLC content alongside the base game.

I hope those from AoE1, I always liked the civilizations of ancient history. But If you take a look in to AoE2DE you can imagine alot of DLC :slight_smile:

Given the fact that civs appear to have their own graphical style and probably have unique unit and building rosters, I’d be hugely surprised if we saw anything like 13 launch civs, as was the case with AoE II.

I think AoE III is probably a better comparison point here, and so I could imagine there being 6 - 8 civs in the base game and then perhaps 4 - 6 more being designed as DLC. Something like that.

You know there aren’t going to be 35 anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are right they said that already. AoE4 it’s gonna have less civz then AoE2 at launch, this means less than 13 - I think will be 7-8-9.

Right but that’s a good pool to draw inspiration for new civilizations (DLC).

As I said here I expect: French/Chinese/Japanese/Persians

I’m hoping to see Greek civ to be added to this game at some point as well.

Perhaps I’m misremembering, but weren’t the Byzantines basically the greeks during this time period?

Byzantines were the other half of the Romans

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The core of the Byzantine Empire was Greek, actually the terms “Byzantine” comes from “Byzantium” (modern-day Istanbul) that was a Greek city. The Eastern Roman Empire did not exist back then, and Romans called all other people barbarians except for Greeks and Romans.

The Byzantine Empire was the predominantly Greek -speaking eastern half continuation and remainder of the Roman Empire during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Its capital city was Constantinople, originally founded as Byzantium hence the term Byzantine


In case anyone has any doubts about the Byzantine Empire.

I would love to see in Age of Empires 4 these civilizations with their elephant units using gunpowder weapons:

  1. Mughal Empire (Mughals invaded and conquered India)
  2. Burmese or Thai (IndoChina)
  • Illustrative images below:



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