Native American Peoples DLC

This post is dedicated to ideas about a DLC geared entirely towards Native American civilizations. my idea would be to bring two North American civilizations and one (at least one) South American civilization. so that it would close two North American civilizations, two from Central America (the already existing Aztecs and Mayans) and two South Americans (to make a duo with the Incas). totaling six civilizations. at first I would add: Mapuche, Mississippians and Iroquois. but I accept suggestions, but I would like it to be in this proportion of division (two North Americans and one South American).

and two new architectural sets (one for Native Americans and one for South Americans).

now I will move on to my concepts.

Monastery and monks available in feudal age.

Unique Unit: warrior priest Unit with ability to heal allied and own units. Instead of convert ability it has melee attack. Conversation resistant.

unique technologies

Age of castles: heals allied and own units that are close to the monastery. Imperial age: warrior priest restores his health (HP) when killing enemy unit.


Iroquois Single unit: mantlet: hybrid infantry and siege unit. with attack bonus against buildings and archers. With high anti-piercing armor. Semi-distant melee attack, with a double fire rate (with a short interval between shots). Throwing axes.

Unique Building: long house or big house: building available to Iroquois civilization and its allies, capable of training unique units from all teams that are allied with the Iroquois and vice versa.

Unique technology:
Age of castles: ???
Imperial age: contact with the new world: enables (unlocks) gunpowder units: hand cannonner and bombard cannon (but these should have characteristics of native american peoples like american monks.


mapuche South American civilization. I would give them: Two units found in AoE3: DE Two unique units:

Ironwood clubman: infantry unit carrying a large club, whose special ability would be area damage, with a strong and powerful attack, but slow to execute the next blow.
Bolas warrior: infantry unit similar to the slingshot of the Incas (distance attack), but armed with a bola, which when launched had the ability to “cut” the movement for a few seconds. This unit must have attack bonus against cavalry.

Unique technology:

Age of Castles: Horse Stealing: Enables training mounted unit on horseback after destroying an enemy stable.
Imperial age: toqui, special units gain more HP and more attack strength.


as I imagine the Mississippian warrior priest. image (unit) taken from mod age of empires 2: portuguese mod III and the internet.
warrior priest - mace prowler

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how I would like the Iroquois single unit to be. image extracted from mod age of empires 2: american world.
mantlet - iroquois

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Using the two Age of Empires 3 units for the mapuche is so painfully lazy and pointless. Not only they don’t point towards any strategy in particular, but they barely represent the mapuche actual combat tactics.


and what would be your idea for unique mapuche units?

at least the bola warrior (or at least an infantry unit that throws bola) that has at least extra attack against cavalry. long before they used this unit armed with boleadeiras I had already given this concept in this forum, so I would like to see this specific unit. even if another name were used.

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but i’m curious. What would be your concept for the Mapuche civilization and its unique units and technologies?

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I mean even before you did that in the forums I designed the American World mod, lol.

Bolas Warrior as an anti-cavalry unit is kinda awkward because the mapuche sorta phased out ranged weapons for guns about as soon as they could get their hands on which pretty much coincides with the time they met horses. The bolas rider were more of a Tehuelche thing.

That said, I could see something like the Ratha but on foot with an unit that’s a bolas warrior that can be toggled to become a spearman, being a combination of Inca Slinger/Pikeman. The unit would need to be called either Moluche or Mawidanche.

Of course it all depends on how the rest of the mapuche civ is designed, maybe the mapuche have access to Hand Cannoneers by default to represent how quickly they adapted to european weapons. If I were to make them I’d give them some weird unit roster like a Stable with Xolotl Warriors by default and Steppe Lancers but no Scouts cuz they get Eagles instead.

The mapuche in the American World had a super heavy siege focus, which also fits the mapuche, another angle is to give the mapuche a dedicated siege unit in the castle, like a sort of Sapper (They were called Shankache IIRC), although that’d be super niche.

I have a vague idea of the Mapuche being a Pikeman focused civ, since most of their army were just… spearmen, Spears and siege would be a pretty cute angle to make a new faction, I guess, but I’m rambling at this point.

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the Mapuche gained access to horses with the arrival of Europeans. with that to give a variation to the game, the mapuches could receive cavalry. but to accommodate the story receive chivalry late, like the common thing is the stable is available in the feudal age, so to vary the game they could receive access to chivalry in the age of castles (or imperial age), but despite receiving late for compensation, have access to a powerful cavalry unit in addition to the Xolotl Warrior, a cavalry unit unique to the Mapuche. and as unique technologies, something that increases the attack strength or HP of mounted units, this technology could be called Toqui.

Chivalry? Like the franks unique technology?

Why would they get that?

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I would particularly like a technology that is different from the others. What would the Mapuche concept of a single unit be? would you use the same mod american world? Weichafe or would give a new one?

I somehow feel like you’re talking through a translator because most of your messages are kinda confusing to read (?)

I already mentioned several unit options in my other reply. I wouldn’t design mapuche the same way as American World for the record, especially now that a lot of new expansions have come out I believe we can find other niches for it to play into.

Weichafe literally just means warrior, it’s the laziest unit name you could go for.


The civ bonus of having access to the monastery and monks in the feudal age would guarantee snatching most of the relics. That feels are too powerful.

As for adding North American civs, they simply feel too isolated from the rest of the world, it’s not even known for sure if the Iroquois Confederation was established before the 16th century (and being based in New York State, they were not the Skraelings of the Vinlandsaga in far away Newfoundland). As for the Mississippians, I know some ruined cities have been found but very little would be known about them, that would mean entirely making up the campaigns, on top of hardly featuring more than its own civ like Pachacuti, which is already frustrating by how lackluster it is (the inca unique unit is made useless by the absence of cavalry, for example).

In any case, this is AOE3 territory. The Aztecs and Incas were already at the tail end of AOE2 when they were conquered by the Spanish, and had only established their empires quite recently before. Future AOE2 campaigns should be in the Old World, not the New.


yes, I’m using google translator to communicate. I don’t speak English, so unfortunately the messages are misinterpreted.

Native North Americans have no place in a medieval game. Almost all contact with Native North America happened in the 17th century and later, 70 years after the Incan empire fell. To give you an idea of how outside the timeframe this is for Age of Empires, the Britons (who represent England in scenarios), don’t have gunpower units. A campaign mission would neither have to be entirely fictitious, based on varying archaeological theories, or Longbows and Swordsmen would be fighting French Knights during the Beaver wars.

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Well, making more Mesoamerican civilizations or more Andean civilizations would deal with both issues. More Andean civilizations in particularly are sorely needed because the Inca truly feel awkwardly isolated in the game. They don’t even have their own buildingset even though sharing with Aztecs and Maya makes absolutely no sense.


Yes, for that they would have to make a dlc set in the colonial era, which would not make sense, having aoe 3 already set there…


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