Native Languages Mod for relevant Campaigns

Hi guys,

I wanted to open up this thread to ask about making a mod for AOEII:DE whereby the campaigns which have voiceovers in their native languages can be “translated” from the English version which I have now. I managed to do this for myself with the HD version, but I’d like to figure out how to do it for the DE version

FR (French - Français):
Joan of Arc (Franks)
Dukes of the West (Burgundians)
William the Conqueror (Franks - Historical Battle)
Charles Martel (Franks - Historical Battle)

DE (German - Deutsch):
Barbarossa (Teutons)
Alaric (Goths)

ES (Spanish - Español):
El Cid (Spanish* - Castillian from Spain)

PT-BR (Portuguese - Portugês):
Francisco de Almeida (Portuguese)

IT (Italian - Italiano):
Sforza (Italians)

KO (Korean - 한국어):
Horyang Point (Koreans - Historical Battle)

CH-SP (Chinese Simplified - 简体字):
Lake Poyang (Chinese - Historical Battle)

I also want to do the following:

  1. Keep English language voiceovers and subtitles for any English speaking factions and non-dubbed languages speaking factions in the above (eg: English factions in Joan of Arc, English mercenaries in Burgundians 2, Dutch villagers in Burgundians 5 in English, Berber & Saracen factions in El Cid in English)

  2. Have secondary languages also included in relevant campaigns (eg: Barbarossa 3 Italians in Milan to speak Italian, Genghis Khan 3 to have Simplified Chinese for the Engineers & Jin lines, Enemy Ming in Le Loi camapign, Franks in Agincourt in French, Franks and Teutons in Saladin in French and German).

Another thing: HD had Japanese subtitles & voiceovers. I’d like to add those ones too for Kurikara & Kyoto Historical Battles.

Are these things possible at all to do?