Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements)

cavalry archer is a pretty good unit, at least cost vs stats wise.


But it could get weaker in the colonial age and be improved in the fortress age. It is an archaic unit after all.

In order to heal wounded units regardless of their location, I think it would be better if they are inactive. But in case of being near the church or the field hospital manned by priests or surgeons respectively, they could heal while fighting or moving slowly, and in case of being still, quickly.

it would give both ottomans and russian an inherent goon skirm combo.

The specials technologies card, I understand. Not bad for the Ottomans. For other civilizations they could be improved, such as the Germans. You should also make infinite mercenaries cheaper with the “free” mercenaries upgrade.

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I’m for enabling 10 to be made without ranching from the fortress age.

Livestock is a great way to increase food income without requiring as many villagers, but cows historically were more difficult coz they sucked up more water and wondered about more.

So a similar to the idea I had for cows…I like surgeons. I just don’t want to spend a shipment to get them when I can have preists that are good enough to replace them even if they are inferior.

I think the advanced church techs should be revisited as some are good others…not so much.

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Some politicians to advance of age are very useless, as for example those who grant cows or a hot air balloon.

I think that also the fort and factory carts should be enabled in the urban center (Unlocking with the cards) and giving them a very high price in case of buying another to replace if it was destroyed. Scouts don’t build forts fast enough.


Well, give asians carts for wonders too…Europeans dont need more advantage


The Naturalist is a good one, she grants semi-fattened cows and 2 villagers since you can normally only make one villager at a time until fortress age every tc work time counts. Not to mention the food in the cows are worth it.

Mercenary contractor however could benefit from shipping a few mercenaries to give it some tempo.


I also like surgeons and I try to squeeze them in as often as possible, sadly not viable in PvP outside of NR40.

The advanced techs in church really need a review. Most of them are so bad they are not even worth the free cost.


He did not remember that they had improved it. Thanks!

You’re right. It is just an idea that would be good for a treaty.

The Indians’ “Pasture” and “Call to Arms” cards are useless. How could they be improved …?
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Grazing could be changed to giving a tricle of wood to houses and one of coin to TC instead of depending in units. Im saying this cause units have to be alived too much time to get back the spent resources and if we boost tricles it would be too OP until the treaty end.
Something like 0.5 wood/house and 0.7 coin/TC would be nice.
Obviously it will become an age IV card as factories


There are several “old” cards that need a serious redesign, and some of their functions should be transferred to a normal tech.
I have been holding that opinion since TAD: TAD civs have too many “free cards” that do not require xp or card slots. For example, they have a much easier access to units they typically lack. Europeans need a card to have one-time access to such units, and Asian civs can infinitely train them through the consulate. Yes they “still” require exports, but that saves one card xp + one card slot and card slot is also a resource. African civs are an exaggerated version of this.
That being said, some techs that hide behind cards need to become more accessible. For example:

  1. Unique church cards: as mentioned above, this card mostly does not worth the investment. Age 2 card slot is already very crowded and most unique techs are not so useful.
    Suggestion: The unique techs are accessible from the beginning (with a higher cost), and the advanced church card significantly reduces that cost, for example. Also, the tech themselves need some improvements:
    (1) The “free” tech with a penalty should be changed to a normal tech with a cost but no penalty. Those penalties might be balanced in vanilla (though some of them are very bad), but now Asian and African civs have better access to quite a few bonuses without any penalty.
    (2) The techs that send units should also enable training of the unit. New civs like Swedes, US and Africans already have much better access to units they lack.

  2. Master Surgeons/Florence Nightingale: They are not significantly better than priests and thus do not worth a card investment (again, Asians do not need to spend a card slot for surgeons).
    Suggestion: Surgeons are automatically enabled at age 3. The surgeon card gives earlier access to surgeons and delivers a field hospital wagon. Florence Nightingale can enable the training of surgeons from Manors.

  3. Grenade Launcher (this is not an old card, but the design is similar to an old one): Even with the upgrade, grenadiers are still not very useful. Thus it is even less valuable to spend a card just to improve them.
    Suggestion: Remove the card. Make the equivalent either an arsenal tech or advanced arsenal tech.

  4. Hero upgrade cards: Again, not worth the investment. Asian monasteries have access to a few hero upgrades from the beginning (and most of them are also not that useful, making the hero cards are even more underwhelming).
    Suggestion: No idea. Maybe change the effect to a church tech, or make card also deliver something more useful than the dog.

To emphasize, card slot is also a resource, and a very limited one. Saving a card slot not only saves the xp, but also gives you greater flexibility.


It would be nice if the mortar was enabled with Advanced Arsenal. Good idea.

The card gives a dog, improves the life points of the explorer and some ability. The latter is different for each civilization.
Why not award when advancing in age, regardless of the politician with whom you advance?
I can’t think of a better idea.
This card is good for catching the most expensive treasures early, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. If it is worth it, it is very rarely.


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The irregulars letter of the Ottomans I do not consider useful either. Bonus damage against villagers by 100%. It sounds good, but in practice it is very useless. Proposals …?

.5x vs cavalry. that way it boost their dmg vs units the ottoman otherwise struggle against lategame.

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Maybe move it to the industrial age, and in addition to the damage to the villagers, add the bonus that you suggest against cavalry.

There are 2 infinity wood cards for the Indians, one with 100 wood greater than the other. I think you could take off the smaller one.
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I don’t know how much it’s used, but I don’t think it’s very useful. What can be done to improve it?
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The letter of ‘murderers’ or ‘agents’ I do not know how much it is used. It is the only way to improve this unit. There are very strong civilizations in the mercenary spindle and it would be useful for assassins or agents to have an upgrade by default, and not just upgradeable by cards. This card could give them a ranged attack.
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That card is already improved (a little). In the earlier versions it is an Age IV card that auto-upgrades your artillery, which is even more useless.

That sounds like a good idea.