Should you be able to rebuild factories

I was thinking that they should make you be able to rebuild factories after they are destroyed. You still could ship the two for free, but only have two at a time and they would cost 500 of each resource to rebuild. I think this change could help counteract players who cripple your economy because they ignore your army and run straight for your factories.


I feel like it’s not a bad idea, but not for 500res, I think rebuilding a factory is likely to happen in the late game when your economy is already big so I think paying 1000 wood 1000 gold and 500 food would be fine, so that way factories are still a target people want to take down, but don’t give a permanent wound on your opponents economy, also you should still have to ship the cards to get your first factories up, the only downside I would see is that this would further buff euros witch are already strong late game, currently any civ that isn’t a euro civ, Inca, or japan already has a disadvantage late game but this could be counteracted by giving those civs some form of compensation.


How about being able to send them again once you hit imperial?

Like with unit reinforcement cards, once you hit Age V you are able to send them again, so could be the same with factories. Now, if you age up before sending them or lose them again, that’s on you.

Also keeping the 2 factories maximum (like with USA that has access to 3 cards in the same game but only get to build 2).
Speaking of witch, how does it work with south Africa? Haven’t played it in a while, can you have 3 factories with them?


Yeah 3 factories for South Africa, I like that idea too since it means that you have some chances, but eventually your chances to run out after you send both factory cards twice, this is a good way to make it not OP.

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Paying the 8000 resources to go imperial would seem far more useful in more cases with that heheh.

At least in my games the battle ends in 3rd or 4th age, going imperial can be for much more than unlocking the VERY expensive unit upgrades.

Tips for all the starters who are reading this btw: DON’T build factories in the front or too close to the external walls of your base, a mortar will nuke them down easily (I’ve seen one guy build it right next to a trade route, easiest way to lose a factory…).

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I’m not sure if I agree about rebuilding factories.

Factories are veeery precious and usually well protected. If you managed to destroy your opponent’s factory he should not be able to rebuild it because in late game resources are not the issue. In age IV/V anyone can afford to rebuild any building so loss of factory would be almost unpunished because the building will be quickly renewed.

Current implementation also promotes aggressive play style and not turtling which is a good thing. If you are destroying factory, your opponent will be weakened till the end of the game. And this is your reward for pushing your enemy.


Yeah I think 1000, 1000 gold and 500 food might be a better price because that are very important buildings. The non European civs need some sort of late game economic buy too though

Make it 2000/2000/2000 per factory. 2000 resources each is not easy to come by in imperial tug of wars.

They already get some sort of factory equivalent by default, which can usually be rebuilt e.g.:

  1. Chinese get 20 extra population and gets an actual factory plus a factory like wonder
  2. Japan has shrines
  3. Inca has houses.
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I get where you’re coming from, but like I said at the top I am not in favor of rewarding players who use French heavy Calvary or Russian Orp to ignore your army and just blow through your walls and go straight toward the factories


But the Indians, Lakota, and Iroquois don’t really


That would be broken with turtle civs.


Japan has 20 shrines INSTEAD of their 25 villager loss and those 20 shrines cannot even match 20 vills if they do not have full cows with brits team card so they end up with around 80% euro eco with not enough wood supply like 2 factories most times but everyone keeps saying Japan is OP in treaty :confused:

China do yes, but the other non-euro civs don’t.

Japan has shrines, but also less villagers and 20 shrines even with max animals are not worth 25 villagers, I believe they can get russian factory but even with max vills, 20 shrines and 1 factory they are still down by a factory compared to euro civs.

India have the wonder that boosts gather rate, but i’m not sure how much it’s worth and i’m sure that alone doesn’t make up for 2 factories.

Lakota and Haud have nothing it seems for late game eco.

Inca are also at a huge disadvantage, whilst they can get 99 vills and 13 kanchas, the kanchas are worth about 12 vills and only gather food, all of the 13 are probably worth less than 1 factory which can change res. They also lack a lot of eco cards compared to euro civs, there’s no refrigeration/royal mint equivalent cards.


japan gets dutch bank but not russian ally, china is the 1 who gets the factory.


Thanks, I don’t play japan much.

That’s even worse for japan though, as a bank is worth just 3-4 villagers.
It’s quite disappointing that all civs aren’t balanced for late game, I understand for 1v1 as some civs are strong early and some late but for treaty or team many civs are just not viable.

The card that improves wonders could make it possible to rebuild them. This I think would compensate for the inequality.

I would suggest they were much more expensive. (4000 wood and 4000 gold). And that they will also be enabled as a construction cart in the urban center, but that would be very slow to create. A low price and an instant rebuild would take away the meaning of being a primary target. It would still be justifiable to destroy them.


what about india , aztec , hausa , euthopia , lakota ird ?

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5k of all resourses to build a facytory would be good , it should be worth for the player to try to get in and destroy factory

Maybe, but that’s why I proposed very slow creation in the urban center. This also penalizes your cost. (At least 5 minutes of creation (?))

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would be good idea as well

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