Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements)

I have been reading some forums and I have found that some things such as native villages are not used enough (Although we like this mechanic) because most of the time they are impractical in the short term. Its improvements are usually good, many of its units too. But they still don’t contribute enough.

This made me think about the almost obsolete things that are in the game like for example the priests. What does this unit do in the game?

So below I made a list of things that could be improved or reworked:

The cattle of the Europeans:

The other non-European civilizations have a very efficient cattle spindle (Incas, Indians, Chinese, Africans and Japanese). I think that a new mechanic could be added where the villagers can milk the cows instead of slaughtering them and thus they could produce food for the whole game. (They could still be sacrificed for ultra fast food), but I think a constant drip of food is better. Maybe you assign one villager for every 5 cows, and that the cows that are destined to be milked do not get fat.
Sheep could also serve dual purposes, extracting their wool
and sell them for coins, but in this case they won’t get fat either.

The priests and surgeons:

Who sends the letter to qualify surgeons playing for real?
In AOE-4 where the Sultanate of Deli uses scholars, and seeing that African Civilizations make use of their healers (I can’t remember his name), I got the idea of ​​giving a use to priests and surgeons.
The imams and priests in addition to being able to heal could generate experience when being garrisoned in the respective temples, they could have a creation limit and do not cost population.
Surgeons could be an investigation in the church that enables them and ceases to be a useless letter, and that in addition to enabling them, deliver 1 or 2 surgeons.

The native villages:

Building trading posts in native settlements is fun, but as I mentioned there is no immediate practical benefit. So what can be done?
I propose:

  • That they generate a small trickle of experience or some resource.

  • That it has some improvement or passive bonus. (For example, if I build a TP in a Cree settlement, my buildings are slightly cheaper (In addition to the improvement) and they give you 1 Cree villager). In case of being destroyed the TP, this passive improvement stops being applied.

  • In the case of Africans, the natives should cost normal resources, and only their improvements cost influence. (It is very impractical in the tried mode to use influence to buy them).

More discussion on this here:

The following are things that are fine, but I think could be better this way:

- The Indian zamburaks: I wish they had more range, as much as a dragon with the improved arsenal. (You could add a point of scope as you get older.) If necessary they could reduce their life or their attack a little in case they are too strong. Anti-cavalry elephants are very strong and have a good range, but they are very slow and with a low cadence, therefore not very versatile, although I think they could also have a little more range.

-Doors on the route: Not from the beginning of the game, but could be enabled in the late game to be able to make good defenses. I wish it was at least available in treaty mode.
I have a poll about it where I better explain my point:

Basic formation of the original game from 2005:
The musketeers and the guerrillas never mixed and they were easier to defend against the cavalry. I would like this to come back.

(This has already been fixed. Thanks developers!
It was only possible in the 2005 base game.)

What do you agree on, and what else could be improved? (Units, mechanics, cards, improvements, etc).


Advanced church technologies…


It is inefficient that the cows could not be trainable until shipping the card.
That is a problem.

Maybe let them could garrison in the church and the field hospital.
While the church be garrisoned by them, it could have the heal ability and well improve the EXP trickle. If we garrison more in the church and the field hospital, the heal ability of these 2 buildings would get more better.
Before this, they have to be able to heal the units, at least the settlers, no matter the “patients” are working, moving or under attacking.


What is that specifically?

They have their uses in treaty, especially surgeons making field hospitals.

No, they are available in age2. India can get dragoon skirmisher in age2, this is why both units are a beat weaker than their european counterpart.

But it could increase a bit in range as you get older, something similar to the Ottoman guns that are left with a range of 20 in the industrial age.

It could be an improvement in the pens, or the letter could make the cows cheaper and the cows can be created by default.

Ottomans don’t really have a choice, indians do.

Maybe surgeons should be available in age4 by default and not take pop slots, but have a limited number.

What is the other option? I understand that they could be very strong, but it could be compensated by making the improvements less strong, or increasing their price a bit or something like that.

It would make sense. In the industrial age, these types of hospitals and modern medicine emerged.

Why does the cavalry archer could not be trained in the age II but the zamburak could?
I think both Russian and Ottoman cavalry archer have to get trained earlier.
They can also research the veteran upgrade in the age III.

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cavalry archer is a pretty good unit, at least cost vs stats wise.


But it could get weaker in the colonial age and be improved in the fortress age. It is an archaic unit after all.

In order to heal wounded units regardless of their location, I think it would be better if they are inactive. But in case of being near the church or the field hospital manned by priests or surgeons respectively, they could heal while fighting or moving slowly, and in case of being still, quickly.

it would give both ottomans and russian an inherent goon skirm combo.

The specials technologies card, I understand. Not bad for the Ottomans. For other civilizations they could be improved, such as the Germans. You should also make infinite mercenaries cheaper with the “free” mercenaries upgrade.

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I’m for enabling 10 to be made without ranching from the fortress age.

Livestock is a great way to increase food income without requiring as many villagers, but cows historically were more difficult coz they sucked up more water and wondered about more.

So a similar to the idea I had for cows…I like surgeons. I just don’t want to spend a shipment to get them when I can have preists that are good enough to replace them even if they are inferior.

I think the advanced church techs should be revisited as some are good others…not so much.

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Some politicians to advance of age are very useless, as for example those who grant cows or a hot air balloon.

I think that also the fort and factory carts should be enabled in the urban center (Unlocking with the cards) and giving them a very high price in case of buying another to replace if it was destroyed. Scouts don’t build forts fast enough.


Well, give asians carts for wonders too…Europeans dont need more advantage


The Naturalist is a good one, she grants semi-fattened cows and 2 villagers since you can normally only make one villager at a time until fortress age every tc work time counts. Not to mention the food in the cows are worth it.

Mercenary contractor however could benefit from shipping a few mercenaries to give it some tempo.


I also like surgeons and I try to squeeze them in as often as possible, sadly not viable in PvP outside of NR40.

The advanced techs in church really need a review. Most of them are so bad they are not even worth the free cost.


He did not remember that they had improved it. Thanks!

You’re right. It is just an idea that would be good for a treaty.