Need greece civ

<3 Greece is an ancient civilization that should be in the game

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Greece is only fit for ottoman empire revolution.


And Malta and Italy.

Venice controlled Crete and several Ports in Greece and the Knights had control of Rhodes. Malta needs more civs to revolt to anyway. Having them revolt to Hungary is just weird.


greece was conquered by the ottomans a good 40ish years before the game stats in 1492.

they didnt become independent again before the 1820s, to be fair that is the same as south america but still not a whole lot to go off. greece first got most of its territory in the 1900s.

there is plenty of AOE games where greece makes a lot of sense, AOE3 isnt the one. in AOE2/4 we have the byzantines, in AOE1 we have 3 civs that are greek? in AOE3 well there wasnt much in the way of greece.


Not even making the civ yourself to prove the point.
Smh the old traditions have been forgotten.

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Theres Greek units, techs and a revolt in the houses of Phanar. I don’t think we can expect to see more of the Greeks in the foreseeable future.


Whilst I love Greece and its history, AoEIII possibly covers the only real span where it really had no significance until their revolts in 1821. As Revolt option - absolutely yes (and I’m suprised they’re not). As a civ, probably not


Not clear what you mean ?

i think greeko-turkish tensions and their “history” is the reason they dont want to do that.

portraying them as a revolt of the ottomans will likely have a negative reception from both countries, as sad as that is to say.


Some time ago, I actually made a fan design for a potential Greek revolution, inside my old Italy civ concept.


Home City:


  • All vills are transformed into klefties (revolutionary) soldiers that gain gold instead of XP when they kill a unit or destroy a building. They can still gather from crates.
    Cost: 100 food and 1 pop
  • Churches allow you buy mercantilism as many times as you want, which also cost less (500 gold).
  • Ship 7 stradiots and 1 ironclad.

HC Shipments:

  • 9 stradiots
  • 11 klefties and a church wagon
  • 1000 gold
  • 2 li’l bombard
  • 10 cretan archers (reskinned desert archers)

I believe that to some extent this design still have potential, but it needs of course to be updated with the new units and features of the KotM DLC.


maybe we can wait for sometime, the speed of making new civs is too fast.

now we have 8 new civs and many many secondary civs in just 2 years :laughing:.


Seems like an interesting effort!
, Greece is an ancient civilization that should be in the game

Play Ottoman, seriously they were totally under Ottoman control for the AOE3 Era.

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And if I ask it pretty please? And ask for a Greek rev instead?

Why would the Greek revolution contain so many Stradiots? It’s an Albanian unit.

If you really want to have a Greek revolution, focus on making it as “Greek” as possible.

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In a sense, the Byzantine civs in AoE 3 would be the same as the Roman civs to be added to AoE 2.

According to some historians, the end of the Middle Ages is considered to be the capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans - that is, the fall of the Byzantine Empire. The end of antiquity is considered to be the fall of the Roman Empire.

Byzantine civs (or Greek civs) in AoE 3 would be what Roman civs in AoE 2 WILL be - practically no one begged for it and yet Romans will most likely become the new civ in AoE2. Might as well be the Byzantines/Greeks as well.

It was an old design related to an old Italian civ, in that context, it made sense, and I never had the time to design more than 1 greek unit.

Also, strediots weren’t just albanians, but they come from all the balkans, including greece in the medioeval period. Of course they have little to do with the more modern Greek revolt, but when one think of the revolts against Genoa or Venice it makes more sense.

One could argue that it was the discovery of the American continent, or of the route around Africa, and interesting enough, until little before the Greek revolution, orthodox people in Greece still call themselves “Romans” despite speaking greek, as they saw themselves as the heirs of the eastern roman empire.

Again, little changed after the fall of the western roman empire, roman living in the west still saw themselves as roman, with its emperor in the east, and little changed in the geopolitical area of the Mediterranean until the fall of the kingdom of Theodoric or the expansion of the arabs.

Greece as we know it is a modern concept based on a renaissance of the classical greek culture that despised everything that happened after the conquest of the region by the romans, as much as the west invented the name “byzantine” to delegitimize the orthodox romans of the east.

Byzantines / Greeks civ, if they appeared in AoE 3 at all, would have a lot of personality problems:

  1. What would they have to show in the game if for nearly 400 years (almost the entire timeframe of AoE 3) they were conquered by the Ottoman Empire?

The only solution I can see would be a very large stretch of Byzantine and modern Greek content - it’s hard for me to imagine.

The 1st and 2nd centuries would be definitely Byzantine, the 3rd century could in some way represent the period of dependence of the Greeks on the Ottomans, and the 4th and 5th centuries could show struggles for independence and already independent Greece.

  1. What would Home Cities have?

Athens (in antiquity one of the most important Greek city states and the modern capital of Greece) or Constantinople (a late ancient city that was the capital of the proud Byzantine Empire during the Middle Ages until its fall)?
BTW the possibility of costuming Constantinople or Athens would be something really cool (besieged Constantinople as a potential backdrop would be awsome).

  1. What options would they have for a revolution?

Balkan states like Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia would make sense because they were formerly subject to the Byzantine Empire.

  1. Who would be the ruler Byzantines / Greeks civ?


  • Manuel II Palaiologos?
  • John VIII Palaiologos?
  • Constantine XI Palaiologos?

or maybe

  • Otto of Greece?
  • George I of Greece (the only really good candidate in my opinion)?

I would like Ypsilantes, not Paleologos. Eastern Romans are WAY out of the timeline, Algiers (1516) happens decades after 1453, but the Hellenic Republic, on the other hand, isn’t.

There are many valid points againts adding Greeks as a rev, but them being too early, I disagree it is one.