Need step-by-step procedure for shift-queueing in AoE2 DE

Need step-by-step procedure for shift-queueing. For example, don’t know if I should press Shift when starting a set of instructions. Do I press shift for the first step, or should I use an un-shifted command FIRST and then shift for all the rest (except the last task). I keep getting random results by using either method. I hear I should shift RIGHT-CLICK, but I get unpredictable results with left-click or right click. That is the reason I’m asking to be spoon-fed. Thanks for anyone who knows the exact sequence of key presses. I’ve had this problem since 2019, when I believe that the DE version first came out. I hate not having this important tool at my fingertips

Shift for every action except the last, then the last will start the sequence. Input the command exactly as you would to get them to do that one thing, except holding shift to incorporate it into the list of things you will have them do. Dropping buildings? Shift-left click. Moving on the map? Shift-right click. And everything in between.

The unit will not do anything until you give the final, non-shifted command.

I think you have to be careful if you have a hotkey tied to shift-X.

If you want to shift-que X, I think you have to:

  1. take your finger of the shift button,
  2. then press X,
  3. then press the shift button again,
  4. then click (with shift held down).

Shift-que happens if you have shift pressed when you click, but sometimes it’s important not to have shift pressed when you type.

There’s still a bug currently with shift queuing attacks on buildings, and sometimes it gets ignored, i’m hoping they can fix it. Here: Shift-move after shift-attack is bugged

but other than that, all the other right clicks and shift + right clicks work properly.

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Can you describe a specific thing you’re trying to do, how you’re trying to do it, and the unexpected result you’re getting? It’s difficult to advise on how to resolve it otherwise.

For example, if a villager is chopping a tree, and you shift right click to build a house, the villager will finish chopping that tree before going to build the house. If you want them to build the house immediately, you right click without shift.

In general, left click is to select, right click is to perform an action.

The shift queuing also depends on the setting for new waypoint behaviour in the game options, where it explains the two behaviours when you hover over it.

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Thanks so much for your early response. It occurred to me that one possible cause of the erratic Shift-Queue behavior could be faulty software. So I have uninstalled and am now re-installing the game and will begin a carefully documented “research” project on this issue after that and see if I can make any sense out of this. Will keep you informed.

I have had a failure of my graphics card and I get only very low resolutions so can’t researtch as planned until repair/replacement. Will keep you informed

I came across an article that spelled it out and looks like I’ll be OK from now on, thx!

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