Nerf Japan/Swedes, buff Aztecs,China,and Russia

Hmm… good question… maybe japan is Just OP because of how cool daimyos look

Yes, reduce torp HP would be great, and their LOS… and for Pete’s sake why do caroleans have .30 melee resist when regular musks have. 20 melee resist!!! That basically means as Spain my only good age 3 unit card vs sweden is 2 falcs, because lancers die too fast to caroleans and only do like 40 damage to them…So sick and tired of having to come on this forum and complain my butt off all day about Sweden.

I say nerf Swede, nerf Japan


I´m sure japan and sweden are fine they are just very snowballing civs, tricky to deal but not op. Agree on aztecs they feel very underwhelming pass second age when artillery is sent, 100% on your suggestions.

As a main russian i would love to see something so they can hold up better, i was thinking on giving strelets the option to collect wood at a very slow rate, like 4 strelets= 1 vill. And then adding some age 3 card to improve this like:

*Siberian Outpost: improve gatter rate of strelets  (2 strelet = 1 vill) and let them build blockhouses*

I think this can help the russian players to keep up in longer matches making them focus their vills on gold and food without worring about wood while keeping the playstyle of being a swarm civ with big but weak armies.

Chinese is a very strange civ, i don’t really play it but i feel you either are really good or bad, i think overall is in a decent spot it doesn’t need urgent buff.

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Sweden is OP

Japan need a few buff in early game and a some nerfs in other areas

China only need a few buff (steppe riders/keshiks)

Russia and aztecs also need buffs, and lakota for early game, and probably otto and india

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You say you only play spain which is obviously one of the few civs that can get ahead of japan. I dont think you should so casually dismiss an issue that obviously is affecting alot of other players

Im not only play Spain, I love play with all, for me, spain with logist in water+tp is really OP yes

Lol. If caroleans were actually bad Swedish players would make units other than caroleans.