Russia Suggestions

I will be posting a couple of topics for Russia it will go from decks to units and everything so that the civ has better chances at where they lack them which are abysmal.

Everything I will be suggesting will be with photos, videos or previous post that have the proof already whenever possible as it is better than just writing words out of blue or making assumptions.

When commenting please add useful comments or good criticism.

Russia is missing Strelets Hotkey from the Fort

Russian Logistician

This is really The worst logistician for a civ that has to rush. It delays your rush and 400w is just much superior than the benefit of a BH giving 15 POP. Could it be reworked into something different? I would even say maybe through this logistician give Veteran +2 range and Guard +2 Range for strelets ? That would make the Russian choose between the 400w or having more range

The change doesn’t have to be the range to strelets as this is just a suggestion but just something different than giving 5pop to BHs or something extra that would help for rushing like faster aging through this one?

Russia has too many cards that are useless or not even used anymore

Ok I would like to start by saying that Russia 1st design was to be the only civ to rebuild forts now that is just common for all civs and theirs hasn’t been reworked and instead just given a buff to a card that is barely used.

In the 1st 2 photos I believe these could have a rework or be merged Sevastopol currently feels not as useful and as Russia you rarely have to send that fort. I’ve sent it and used it but to not much usage. The card Sevastopol primary usage is for the speed of building forts the other things I consider are bonuses and in the case of a merge I believe it should only speed forts Hence suggesting Age 3 Fort card + sevastopol merge

Now when it comes to Castrametation & National Redoubt these cards had their benefit moved from one card to the other and now you have 2 cards with practically no usage as your deck isn’t as big to have them. And all in all the Musk stat increase isn’t really used. It still allows to build forts but not increase its space. Maybe merging both cards in where as for Russia only,. The musks are the ones to build forts rather than the Hero? And by simply moving the Fort limit increase +1 to the Musk card that allows them to build it rather than the hero? Maybe just making 1 card out of the 2?

I suggest to even merge Castrametation + National redoubt + Sevastopol into 1 card
Something where the card allows musk to build forts. But also a little bit faster and giving them stats probably only HP so they can resist while building. So it would be Fortress Age fort would give 1 limit and the New merged card would give the other for the total of those 3 forts which only musk could build
This is because Russia can’t really spam Forts before Industrial And after Industrial most civs have tools to deal vs Euro forts

Dueling school was mainly used for teams now it is not even used for that and the card is rarely needed anymore. I suggest a merging between the both If the flat 65% would seem to be too strong Then I suggest a different approach to it. Something where the card applies 40% and gives an extra 25% over a given time say after 10 or 20 minutes of the card being sent it gradually increased the 25% extra given by dueling school as better usage? All in all Russia is also a scaling civ

Will be adding more as I find them or others help in the process

Strelet Range gradually increased to 20 per aging or a combination of aging + cards or just giving them skirms
In short the suggestions have been as follow
Allowing each upgrade to give them range
Veteran +2
Guard +2
Imperial +2
The veteran and guard upgrade could be applied through age up logistician as state above

Or by with the cards
Boyars +2
Strelet Combat +2
Imperial +2

If these are deemed too much or makes Russia too strong I think they become much more stronger if skirms are allowed because at least the strelet stat per say won’t be changed and it will still be as paper as it is

Please understand that strelet with 14 range does not allow them to fight properly against a good usage of Longer range units. Strelets are OK But they are not effective And a range buff of 16 or 18 by Fortress does not break them nor make them any more powerful vs skirms. but instead makes them work better vs what they kill

I’m definitely voting more for russia to have skirms, However I do believe they will become very strong with the access to skirmishers probably not and it is just the right thing they need as they cost Food & coin.

There could also be the option where Strelet still is a scaling range unit and russia gets access to skirmisher and they can switch between the 2 in super late game stages?

This here is just unacceptable Caroelans are a Musketeer unit not a skirmisher one other wise I wouldn’t be saying much about it.

What is common between these 2 videos?
I’m using strelets to fight musketeers that are 1 age ahead of me with 3 cards.
In the 1st video the Caroleans are triple carded as well as in the 2nd video the british musks are triple carded and 1 age Ahead.

In Both videos I have a defense set up Which means that I don’t have to always hit and run.
1st video I got 2 TC 3 BH 1 Fort if he was the one who would have to chase me down I could bait him into that defense without having to worry about hit and running forever.

In the 2nd video to try and replicate that I placed 4 BH

I’ve written posts about Russia and as a last try of properly doing one and showing clips or videos whenever possible as to why or how it could be improved. Here a list of those posts where I have created or commentated in case of going back


Well, the 15 pop bonus saves you 100 wood for every blockhouse you build and it also gives a military wagon wich can be build into the blockhouse so it is basically giving you 350 wood instead of 400 but with another blockhouse is 450 wood and so on so yes, it´s not good for hard rushing but rather for scaling wich is better later on, but it´s just my opinion, i haven´t bought the game yet so dk xd and i later comment in the dueling school wich i don´t think is bad :slight_smile:

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You attacked caroleons with less strelets, what did you expect? This has been told to you before, strelets are meant to be spammed and not at all able to fight 1v1. They cost 48 resources, so dont expect them to even do that. You should see them as 2v1 as they will get so much value from that. When dealing with caroleons double the strelets will easily destroy them leaving them with a big loss of resources.

Strelets are perfectly fine as they are. You saying they arent based on a video with less strelets than caroleons just shows you dont know how to use strelets or maybe even Russia in general.


Even if he had 200 streelets the Sweden player only had to do hit and run forever ez win gg. Streelets do bad against skirms and even worse against caroleans so i agree that they need some increase in range in fortress age to compete with those units.


With 200 strelets you can easily drive your opponent into a corner. Not to mention you can use 50 of those to cut them off.

Strelets are a well rounded unit for their cost, 1 more range by caroleon doesnt matter much as if you want every caroleon to fire the strelets will already be in range.

Its more so a caroleon issue than strelet one. Caroloen range card should just be removed.

I actually think that the range part is the most powerful part of the carolean. I like the card and i dont think that it should be nerfed. I think that it should go to Age IV. In age IV you would have 4 cards that you need to send (2 factories, Svea and the Ranged) Its hard to do it. Caroleans would still be awesome and strong but in a later game scenário.

This would make the Leather Cannons builds more prevalent and Light Gun Carriages the age III staple card.

Regarding Russia and Strelets vs Caroleans, i already responded to that in another Post. You cant expect different results if you do the same. You need to MASS Strelets not send a tiny force

I expect my strelets Which are skirm type unit meant to kill musk to get at least a couple before dying because with a normal musketeer even if they were Guard you’d still be able to kite them and get advantage out of your 14 range and them with 12. Or am I wrong in that part? Now you can’t even do it because Caroelans have 15 range and strelet 14. Even if you double their number. After some point in the game Price don’t matter. What matter is the population slot your unit is taking and a bunch of strelets that can’t really out run Caroleans have to go closer to kill A MUSKETEER not a skirm and losing more than you should due to this little effect.

Now a quick example If you were to fight 30 Guard British musketeer and you only used 10 Veteran strelets? What do you expect @TouchierFiend53 ? Because I would expect to take down a couple of their musk through hit and run if I ever saw him come close to me or try to outsmart. And I would not need 60 strelets to take down 30 guard musk per your 2v1 answer.

Look what happens when I’m 1 age behind He has Guard Caroelans with 30% range resist Just like the 1st video I posted I’m in the exact same scenario Above I have strelets[Skirm unit] + cav archer And here I have Cassadores[Skirm unit] + Goons All I want to show is what would happen if strelet had more range to kill a Carolean[Musketeer] Also I’m not comparing the power of cassador or strelet as that is not the topic

If you’re still insisting in the cost and that strelet is cheap and that you need to sacrifice them to win against a 15 range caroleans or that it will hurt the Sweden player in any way. I’m 100% sure any swede player that sees themselve 1 age AHEAD and with better upgrades and better range Will always take a fight vs Veteran strelets and even guard strelets as stat wise the guard up doesn’t give much

In short? I do agree that stat wise strelets are fine. And I’m very clear I’m not asking for strelets to beat skirms What I’m asking is for strelets to be useful against what they were meant to be useful against. I can assure you that if caroleans had 12 range I would not be doing any of these but that would be a big nerf to the swedes where as if you compare giving 16 or 18 range by fortress to Strelets It really doesn’t break the game because Skirms would still be annoying vs them Cav would still kill strelets. As well as cannon. Like realistically speaking It is only a Range buff to be able to use Strelet in the same way you would use them against a 12 range musketeer

Do you need 60 strelets to kill 30 Guard Musketeers that have 12 range? Because I’ve played a lot of Russia and I don’t need 60 strelets to kill them

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I agree with most of your points, really well thought out, only thing I disagree with is merging the faster train time cards.

In regards to the fight you lost, they were basically an equal mass of guard carolean (which are op) with probably heavy infantry hp, svea lifeguard giving +25% hp and 30% rr and snaplock so they out range the strelets, not surprised you lost especially if you compare the resources of the 2 units.
That being said we all know caroleans are broken, svea needs a nerf and their eco needs a nerf because even if this was age 2 caroleans vs age 2 strelets they’d probably just charge into melee and kill them any way.

If that was a mass of regular guard musk I still think they’d win that fight though just because they are 1 upgrade ahead of the strelets and there’s a lot more res worth of musk, although strelets counter musk and trade very cost effectively you still need like twice the amount of strelets just because they’re a very weak and cheap unit that you need a good mass of.

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So you want to purely buff strelets, because one unit is broken? Its better to just remove the range increase card from Caroleon.

Strelet, and Russia itself, is based on the concept of spam. If they die, dont worry you already replaced them with 10 more. They need to push your base some day, so keeping distance from your strelet wont work. Also generally Russian composition work better with mixed units.

As I really want to give as much proof as possible on the words that I’ll be typing and posting videos instead of just saying things because I feel them.

1st Video

2nd Video

What is common between these 2 videos?
I’m using strelets to fight musketeers that are 1 age ahead of me with 3 cards.
In the 1st video the Caroleans are triple carded as well as in the 2nd video the british musks are triple carded and 1 age Ahead.

In Both videos I have a defense set up Which means that I don’t have to always hit and run.
1st video I got 2 TC 3 BH 1 Fort if he was the one who would have to chase me down I could bait him into that defense without having to worry about hit and running forever.

In the 2nd video to try and replicate that I placed 4 BH

To hit and run if you send 30 strelets half of them won’t attack. So you need to send a small force and pick units as much as possible until you drag your opponent to a place where you can fight.

In the 1st video I had around 30-40 strelet by the moment he strikes my town center And I also had around 10 cav archer in case of any cav and culverins in case of canons. But also cav archers that have 14 range can’t stand much of a chance so I really couldn’t do a lot

If the caroleans were to have 12 range instead of 15 I would do the same thing I did in video 2 without to worry if his carolean mass is bigger. He would have to do a lot more as he has to go into defenses and a unit he has to walk to but currently that is pointless as for a dude who can just Sit in front of your base and you having literally No unit aside from canons past 14 range. And canons would need to be made in mass otherwise 1 or 2 he can go in and kill them.

So every time I would try to bait him into my defense I would lose units like I did in the 1st video and could literally never take a good trade as his range is superior.

I feel like it could be a solution but would leave sweden very nerfed and with almost no chances at most matchups As due to that range is because they’re able to play some matchups.

Where as giving Strelet 16-18 Range by Fortress not only fixes the matchup but helps in the struggle strelet has vs Dragoons/Warwagons/EagleRunners


Sweden was supposed to rely on mercenaries, this way they are forced to take a card like the Jeagers which is good. One unit shouldnt be able to virtually counter every unit. Due to the many cards this is possible.

16-18 range for strelet isnt necissary as they work perfectly fine, even against Caroleons I havent yet experienced any difficulties due to army compositions, although I havent played that much against Sweden. War wagon and dragoon types units in general are also countered (not hard) by musketeer types of units. So a mixture of Musleteers and strelets will do the trick.

Today I played against Britain, which went for Longbow musk composition. I managed to defeat them even when they used hit and run against my strelets because I created chokepoints of blockhouses and severly limiting the space he could work with. So even though he could retreat to his base (which was basically all the map he had) He didnt have access to a lot of natural resources so I could just go age iii, made cannons and just hard pushed his base by waves of infantry and even though he was age 4 he didnt have enough army to hold me off and I raided his base.

I would not totally be against a card in age 3 which increases range by 2 (which I think is more then enough) and maybe some hitpoints increase, but I still dont really see the importance of it. I just think it makes them stronger when in reality it should just be the Caroleons which get nerfed.

sera muito bom os strelets terem mais alcançe pois 14 e pouco talvez ter ate 18 de alcance sera muito bom. otolin asteca com o upgrade da carta +2 de alcance ja existe antes não existia, hoje eles são muitos bons totalmente jogavel pro astecas


Man LB’s and Musk can’t hit and run streelets. Do not compare 12 range of musks and slow LB’s animations to Caroleans and Skirms which have more range than a streelet.

Sorry but that logistician bonus you propose is just crazy. It is hard enough already to deal with Russian rush. The devs have been buffing their Fortress age options, you might consider exploring those as well.

What has been buffed as their fortress option?

You think 8 range difference wont allow longbowman to hit and run!? Longbowman on itself outranges a skirmisher with 2 range.

Besides, longbowman are one of the fastest firing units, they shoot twice as fast as regular skirmishers.

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I wish we had a changelog so I could tell you exactly what it was. They were a couple and one important one that I can remember has to do with the church card and cheaper upgrades to veteran through them.

the faction doesn’t have to rush, russia is still fine into the lategame, but the politicians is worthless there as well, if not more worthless than it is in rush.

probably would break the unit to get this, sure it still is fairly bad as a unit but it would changed it from the numbers unit it is now to just a cheaper version of a skirmisher in lategame.

too much, russia doesn’t need skirms, would make them OP in treaty

now what would i do to russian logistician? well if we follow your logic of wanting to make it a lategame choice then i would perhaps make it something that improves the typical age up, could even be for stellets, as an example:

“all strellet and grenadier age upgrades increase stats by 5% more”

this way stellet and grenadiers could get a nice 15% boost, putting them more in line with other units in imperial.

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In that video is one of the few moments that happens rarely but it happens where Russia really can’t just fight against that army comp. And it is russia only as most civs do have Long range units and good cav.

So basically you can’t use canons against that, nor cossacks unless you can make 10 by 10 and not waste more than him. And any infantry gets eaten by the slingers as they’re much better doing DPS and have much more range.

For the moments Like these is where I believe russia needs skirms as even if having scaling range strelets it would take a while to catch and be able to destroy it as aztec gets this army comp much quicker than if there were range scaling strelets


You have to train canons as russia everymatch, and specially against aztecs. ERKs arent infantry but they are too close to each other for AoE damage, coyotes arent the strongest cav ingame and slingers are strelets too.