Nerf mongols and firelancers, what about horse archers?

I really hope they just left it out of the early announcement,
because it will suck if they acrually nerf firelancers and mongols and leave horse archers as they are.

I think horse archers are by far the most problematic unit in the game, I really hope they will nerf it.


I believe they mentioned those big complaints from the community for the sake of a resounding “Amen”, considering the massive number of complaints from all levels of players about free +39 ELO Mongols and landmark melting Fire Lancers.

I don’t imagine that the Devs wouldn’t be looking into a problem if one was so prominently brought to their attention.

Horse archers attack faster than they’re supposed so this would be bug fix and not balance change. They did mention that they do bug fixes, but it remains to see what they plan to do

The bug speed is a nerf of 25% DPS, do you think it will be enough to make them balanced?

25% dps is LOT and would be first step to see if they’re balanced or not.


Just because they didn’t mention it doesn’t mean it won’t be addressed. Best thing is to wait until the stream or the patch notes come out so we know for sure.

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Even if Horse Archer attack speed is fixed. The Imperial range tech still makes them OP. That need to be addressed.

I don’t think Mongle deserve a nerf, and I don’t think Rus deserve a nerf. In my thought they still need buff to bully those Chinese and Abbasid.

Oh, PLZ do buff HRM and ENG and even French. European rules every part of the world.

@RadiatingBlade edit: Refer to civilizations by their name in the game and refrain from controversial subjects like religion.

Nerf Chinese clocktower, they dont deserve it.
Nerf Chinese building speeds, they dont deserve it.
Nerf ZHU GE NU rush , that’s way to op
Nerf IO, they could get home just sitting at home.
Nerf everything and bring Chinese’s braid back, Cuz that how they were in ancient China.
Oh also don’t forget Delhi Abbasid should keep sucks

(That’s some of you guys thinking, Ignore tures that Mongle get over 60 win rate and Rus over 50% due to sickness HA. But crying that Chinese are ob ,Chinese got love of this game, Chinese must paid to relic to do so. FL this FL this that. I know most player mess FL in group game. I admit that need some nerf. I am saying it, some people here just want China get nerf because he/she don’t like it)

@RadiatingBlade edit: Refer to civilizations by their in game name and not by their religion which is a controversial subject.

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What it does?
Couldn’t find on google what is Imperial range

I don’t think so. Horse Archers shoot arrows and in imp, you need a lot of mass to get meaningful damage against anything with armor and eat a lot of precious pop. This is right now only relevant because they get ahead with them earlier and can mass them. But after bringing them on par, i don’t think this will snowball as hard anymore.

That tech increase their range by +2, effective make them Longbowman on horseback with higher dps.

Even if they are fixed, Horse Archer still do 20 damage with 6.5 range, they will have no trouble killing armored units whom mostly capped at 8 ranged armor. Sure, they will be less likely to just eat Mangonel shot like they are now but the dps potential from Horse Archer is still very high.

The fix is related to attack speed, what it has to do with taking mangonels shots?

Seem you lack the understanding of the game. At the current state, due to their big model and high dps, fully upgraded Horse Archer can just eat Mangonel shot and fight back to kill Mangonel without the need for Springald support.

I agree that this is too strong atm, but I rather would tackle their cost-effectiveness or stats. Abbasid also have an imp tech for the archers with an attack speed increase, which is basically useless. This one could be a viable upgrade instead of another dead tech, if the root issues are tackled.

Besides the clearly OP Mongols and Rus, Chinese is the strongest. if those two get nerf in the next patch, China would be on top, I don’t know what you whining about.

China would be on top?
Have you ever asked French civs player? or even HRM.
I don’t get why Chinese is the strongest in 1v1.

China puts high micro pressure on the players because of the IOs thus it’s hard for casual players, but in 1600+ range China is actually the second best civ only after the Mongols.

Don’t just focus on top player. I mean, top player indeed could represent strength of a civs. But not everyone has its skill to do so.
You mentioned China get second best in 1600+ but pick rate was like 10% meanwhile Mongol get 19% Rus 17% Not even mention that Mongol still got 60% win rate in over 1200 games meantime China was only 750+games

One can only focus on the top 1v1 players for a correct understanding of the balance.

While Mongol is just on another level, the high pick rate of Rus is caused by the horse archer tactic — it is easy and effective for most players to use. but like I said, once Mongol and horse archers get nerf, China should be in a good spot.