Nerf wallers

Arabia used to be a strategically rich map.
Now it’s almost mandatory to wall. Wall should be A strategy, not THE strategy.

Palisade walls should cost 6 wood (at least 4). So you either be able to wall OR make the barrack, but not both.

We already have seen some nerfs to walls, but they seem to be just some fancy ineffective nerfs.

Remove the last nerf and make all palizade walls standard no matter if u are in dark age or not. Just increase the price.

The problem is not wall itself. The problem is: people can afford full walling in arabia SO EARLY.


They nerfed walls many times in last updates, and you should scout good to know what is your opponent gonna do, in general if you see your opponent fully wall so early this mostly mean he will go FC so you should do the same and in another hand breaking the walls is not hard thing at all


I am not against walls. The problem is: they are too cheap.
You basically can full wall and you are still able to put an early barrack and stable or do whatever you want .

It literally kills the tactical and strategical part of arabia, becouse now everybody is fully wallled at minute 11 whether they are going FC or feudal.

What I propose is that you still can wall if you want, but at a higher cost.


you’re the same guy that says cumans are broken? maybe you need to re-evaluate what the rest of the world thinks is right vs what you think…

new arabia is easy AF to break through walls, deny wallers scrush,drush,trush or m@a before full walls are up…

the meta is quick walling since its so hard /expensive/vil time to full wall

you are doing yourself a favour if you specifically do not fully wall early on, and then learn to play without those crutches. they are ultimately a hindrance


Cumans are a horrible civ, but I never said they are OP. Here I am talking about early empalizades.

Well, what I see in arabia nowadays is just everybody fully walling at min 11 without having a considerable eco disadvantaje.

I actually think the nerfs done already are quite effective. I would say that currently walls are viable but not op, which makes them a viable strategy on the map, though there are downsides if countered correctly. That’s what you should want for any strategy.


Something is wrong if you see everybody fully walling and fully walling so early all the time in arabia.
I understand your point, but walling is not A strategy nowadays. It’s THE strategy, because walling early is too viable.

But then someone will say: “Whats the problem with walls? just wall yourself aswell”. I just can’t agree. Walls are detrimental to the strategically rich game it used to be.

Tell me this: what has changed between now and before when you claim it was a more strategically rich map?

When DE was first released it was a very closed wallable arabia, but they have updated the map so it’s more open, plus nerfed walls so that they are weaker then in voobly/HD. So why is walling now the strategy when it wasnt before?


People just were not as waller as they are nowadays.

(In the past, wallers were actually bullied 11)

And the original arabia in voobly used to be more open than the current arabia is

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So it’s not less strategically rich, it’s just people figured out the meta. Metas change, some will like it some wont, but I think the game would get stale if devs tried to maintain the same meta eternally.

I have a feeling that after this patch’s nerfs we may start to see the natural change of meta that you’re hoping for, remains to see. But that being said, I would argue that right now on Arabia Drush, M@A/tower, archers, and scouts are all viable strategies, so I guess I fail to see what we are missing viability-wise.

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A boring meta which consist in early fully walling all time no matter what.

It nerfed straight FC strategy, but it was not a waller nerf at all.
Early fully walling is still the way to go.

I mean, arabia games used to be funnier and more strategical. People didn’t just fully walled like today.

If the meta consist in fully walling, then I don’t like this game

Walls nerfed a lot and in this patch walls can be easily removed because of a bug. Making palisade walls cost 6 wood means houses are better chose for walling. Be realistic.

I am not looking for bug exploids man.

yes, so? it would still be a waller nerf, which is what this game needs to be great.
House walling at least is more expensive. Maybe houses should be nerfed aswell, by reducing their hp, but houses are not ruining the game as palizade walls are.

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You are suggesting making palisade walls trash. They are trash in Castle Age. And also usually you train some feudal units and advance to the Castle Age while microsing your units. For scouters you either want Knights or Light Cavs (if you have 8-10 scouts and delayed Castle Age a little bit), for archers you want crossbowman and Ballistics with Bodkin arrow.

This is like nerfing tower rush. Nerfing walls or towers completely removed them in Feudal Age because they are already nerfed a lot and they are at balanced level now.

Palisades will never be trash. They will keep you safe in the chop points.
If you really want to full wall, then you would have to make some sacrifices.

If you see everybody fully walled at min 12, then it might not be that balanced, don’t you think?

Yes but they are very good at feudal

I don’t like walling either, but tripling palissade cost is nuts, and once multiplayer is playable again we will get to test the most recent nerf by ourselves.
As of whether Arabia is open or not now, it’s quite RNG heavy. Sometimes you get some decent woodlines, other times you can’t think of something more open than your map 11

You think so? I mean, they definitely should be more expensive imo. At least 4 wood.

The first hp nerf was so bad…

Making Villagers last longer to create palisades was good but not that significant.

Finally this one only hurts FC strategies. Which is good but it doesn’t deals with the real problem which is: everybody full walled at 12 no matter what.

I would have preferered it to stay as always, standard, but adding only ONE but BIG nerf: making palisades more expensive.

It definitely would make the game more strategical and tactical with map control fights and unit fights in feudal.

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It is fair to want a price increase but without an HP nerf.

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I fixed it in the main post so it doesn’t sound as extreme as before.

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Just make the map even more open then… somehow.

No… the game is already a rush game already. You got lots of time to scout rush to end game early if need be. You can the end game is less than 15 minute that way as you raid their villagers and stop them ever recovering. You can build towers along their walls to stop them making walls. Then just scout rush, kill their lumberjacks and end the game.

Making walls cost resources. A player walling themselves in leaves the relics open for you to take them. If you get all the relics you win the game long term a lot of the time.