Nerfing melee armor on palisade walls

The goal of this thread is just to start a discussion on topic of walling and quickwalling against mainly melee units.

  1. Currently palisade walls have an melee armor of 2 and pierce armor of 5.
    On paper it can sound reasonable. The problem is that only 2 up to 3 melee units can attack the same palisade piece at the same time.

Should palisade’s melee armor be changed from 2 to 0 melee?

  1. There’s as well topic of quick outwalling militia, maa, scouts, knights. The obvious answer is to give construction of palisade walls 0 melee armor just as it was rightfully done to palisade gates on DE:

(Palisade) Gate armor decreased to 0/0 while under construction.
Palisade Wall
Palisade Gate

Does it sound good?

  1. Should stone walls’ melee armor be changed as well? Currently it’s 8 melee armor and 10 pierce armor.
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I find palisade walls already go down really quickly.

When there’s some knights/men-at-arms bashing down my wall they’re often through before I can get a villager there to wall behind.

TBH I don’t know how to feel about this.


I wouldn’t be able even to count how many times have I simply out quick walled maa or made a second layer of palisade walls so I could easily kill them with follow-up archers.


I also noticed that according to aoe2 fandom wiki Palisade gates are not classified in Wall and gate Armor class even though it should have been.

I guess it was an oversight from developers since palisade gates were added in The Forgotten expansion.
Although I’m not sure if it’s the same in Genie Editor. It could be that the wiki has never been update in this regard.

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Impossible, if will apply your change then the knights always come in and the other never have time to wall, even I guess that you dont have possibilty to repair wall when three m@a attack because the rate of fire is major to rate of repair

I’m not sure if I understand what you’re saying. I’m positive that currently 1 vill can outrepair 3 maa attacking a single piece of a palisade wall. Obviously the same goes for palisade gates since they have the same melee armor.


People can quickwall with houses


It costs more though. You cannot allow yourself to quickly make walls of houses to the edge of the map for example.


If you just nerf all walls, people will just wall with buildings. Plus walls should still be viable in some situations, just not always. I don’t think this is the correct solution.
The problem is that right now walling is way too cheap and easy to do. Increasing a bit the palisade wall cost should already do something to decrease the walling imo.

Indeed, currently walling is always viable.

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That’s talking about the situation where you already have a vill nearby though. I was talking about the situation where the nearest vill is 10-20 tiles away.

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I see. Walling so far away from the nearest vill /resource is always discouraged. Rarely there can be maps which have to be walled like this. The thing is if you don’t go fast castle you should be able to defend with archers or even skirms at that point. Even the tower is viable when enemy has archers pushing through the wall behind.

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1st i think palisade walls should definitely have 0 arm while being constructed, i cant see how they thought it was logical for gates, but not walls

2nd, maybe they can give palisade walls 0 arm until castle age, that way cumans for example arent too heavily nerfed, it gives you the chance to raid before they get to castle age, without making such a big impact as 0 arm until teched…

which will force wallers to pay more for turtling… which is the point of this no? whenever someone recommends a change they dont say the thing should not be countered, it should just be easier to counter

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yeah probably was an oversight and then just left like that. it only impacts tarkans right? (since petards do enough dmg anyway to 1 shot?)

How is this really different to this thread? Seems like the same discussion: Who to nerf walling?

Only new point are stone walls: I think stone walls are fine. They arent used frequently in most games. You prefer to use stone for TCs, castles, towers, …

i see them a sack mother ton in TGs… but dont think they’re a balance problem, they do the job and the player pays for it…

I can see them more used in team games. Probably also not for the early game, but for the late game. And what you said: The do the job and the player pays for it, so they are fine.

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Yeah, I’m in favor of a cost increase, but not of a palisade wall armor nerf.

If you increase their cost then “bad” maps immediately become “worse”.
On the other hand if you make each palisade wall less durable there is less variance if you have a good or bad generation because walls on both maps could be broken into having enough units.

I hope that’s understandable.

So that’s the reasoning why you shouldn’t increase the cost but decrease the durability of palisade walls.

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If you want to address quickwalling just let walls and buildings take 2-5 times (has to be tested) the damage until they are 100% clomplete.