Nest of Bees stops shooting during its attack

Hello there. Another bug report for our favourite worse Mangonel.

As you can see in this clip, the Nest of Bees only shoots 3 attacks instead of 8 attacks. Any Mangonel would have dealt huge damage to this group of Archers, but the Nest of Bees continues to be a bugged and garbage version of the Mangonel. Increasing the minimum range of this unit was also a terrible nerf and I disagree with it. The unit is already too inconsistent, has too many bugs, doesn’t benefit from Chemistry, misses most of its attacks and in general Mangonels deal much more reliable damage.


Buff Nest of Bees plz

Buff Palace Guard for AOE damage too.

need have Crossbowman counter man at arm and knight at age2.

It (Nest of Bees) is already an OP unit in the game now.
You just mass-produce it and it has very high movement speed, HP, good AOE damage, and deals a lot of damage on large battles.

Palace Guards too, they are fast, have high damage and good armour too. You can outrun any infantry and raid the enemy base with ease. They also chase archers like real horsemen with high armour. So there is no need to buff it at all.

About your last point, I totally agree with you.

High damage?

Low armor than normal Man-at-Arms

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I think this is an instance of a bug I described earlier on this forum. I watched the replay and ~@14:30 the Chinese player didn’t finish his volley. When the NoB doesn’t finish their volley the next one after reloading won’t fire all rockets. I don’t think a unit dies or it is canceled manually in this clip because the reload bar doesn’t start directly after it stops firing.

The game was played on dry arabia 12/05 if anyone wants to watch the replay.


Looks like you could be right. I agree with what you said in your thread, the NoB should always fire 8 rockets, just like how Catapults always shoot 3 stones. You miss out on lots of area of effect damage otherwise.

The Nest of Bees continues to be a worse version of the Mangonel, despite the developers saying on stream that unique units should be better than their non-unique counterpart.

I don’t agree that it is straight up worse. It deals damage in a larger area and feels more consistent to me. But it doesn’t have that ‘get 3 mangos and delete any inf’ feel that normal mangonels have. After the buff they feel kinda solid, but they need some more testing on my part. A group can absolutely delete a marching army way better then mangonels if you get a nice shot off though.

Whats important is that 2 Mangonel shots will kill a group of Archers while 2 NoB shots will not. Doesn’t matter how much HP the enemies have, as long as they are alive they will keep dealing damage. And this gives your opponent time to retreat and heal aswell. Very important in games against English. They can just keep healing their Longbowmen as long as you don’t kill them.

Yes in that situation mangonels are better. But purely anecdotally I have had a few games where the new NoB felt way more impactful then a mangonel would have. Don’t have any concrete examples though.

I wonder what’s going to happen when micro starts to evolve. Maybe dodging mangonel shots is going to be more commonplace or people walk out of the NoB AoE sooner. One thing to note is that (not 100% sure on this) mangonels shoot where the target will be when the attack hits (think aoe2 balistics) and it doesn’t feel like the NoB does the same. But this could just be the inaccuracy of the NoB.