Nest of bees underwhelming

Before the patches came out i remember the nest of bees being more effective against land units. now a whole volley against a pack of archers will only kill 2-3 archers it seems. Did they nerf them? or am i missing something?


Its problem with consistency. I think the damage is too much right now. It needs to be what it was before update. It melts units. But they need to make it consistent so it keeps attacking group even if target unit is killed.

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Why make nest of bees when you can make firelancers?


No nest of bees is op like China nothing about China is underwhelming China needs a heavy nerf asap.


I must be playing a different game, they delete groups of my units almost instantly lmao.


When it works, it delete stuff.
When it doesn’t work, it shoots only 3 out of 15 arrows, I don’t know why.

There are few bugs with nest of bees.

  1. They might not shoot over water or while at water crossing
  2. If target they shoot is dies they stop their whole attack and starts reloading.
  3. If target moves out of range before whole animation is finished it cancels it out.

I use G to fire my nest of bees if I ever make them because cant be arsed to control them constantly.

If units are close enough and tightly stacked then they can kill bunch of them efficiently but most cases they just missfire and do less than half they should.

Mangonels are so much better


I have been pointing this out ever since stress test. The unit displays 10 damage with 8 attacks which should result in 80 damage. But in practice, this never happens. A mangonel displays 12 damage with 3 attacks = 36 damage and unless your opponent runs their units away their units will take 36 damage reliably.

The Nest of Bees is sadly a terrible unit, a much worse Mangonel. It has a multitude of bugs. Its hard to say exactly that the problem is, but it looks like atleast half its attack are missing constantly. The area of effect of these rockets is way too small.

One severe bug is the fact that the NoB sometimes doesn’t shoot 8 rockets, only 3 or 4 or even less. Multiple people have already posted a bug report about this, but so far no change.

Remember the dev stream where the devs said “unique units are supposed to be stronger than their unique counterpart”? Well thats true for Royal Knights and Arbaletriers and Longbows and Streltsy. But not for Nest of Bees. This unit is utter garbage and Chinese would be better off if they had Mangonels instead.

We are still waiting for NoB buffs and bugfixes since Stress test. NoB has been in a terrible state ever since it was nerfed to the ground in the stress test.

Also the recent patch added a minimum attack range of 2,5, which essentially means the unit stops shooting as soon as the enemy moves in 2.5 range of it, which was a severe and unneeded nerf to an already underwhelming unit.


Nest of bee need to be overpowered, but it should be easy to break. Rigth now, it take to muche time to trow a torch, on a siege unit.

It’s still a lot better than Delhi’s Honed Blades.

At least 4 NoB can sit behind a wall and fire on infantry.

The biggest problem with Nest of Bees is that compared to Mangonel, it takes longer and more stringent conditions to complete a complete firing process. In this process, as long as the target Nest of Bees is targeting has died, then Nest of Bees will stop firing and reload, which makes Nest of Bees far less than the theoretical attack data; looking back at Mangonel, you can shoot a complete attack after aiming, so the actual combat power of Mangonel is better than Nest of Bees are much better.


Buff Chinese civ.
Buff Nest of Bees too.

I hope they will be nerfed because they are a real cancer in this game. Nest of Bees and mangonels too, they would have been balanced if spingards could have a focus on their attack move command ( a sort of “target preference:siege”). Thats because spamming mangonels or nest of bee its simply unfair, you just attack move with them and then u can micro the rest of the troops to protect them and they shread everything. With spingards, even if u focus the target on them is useless if they are too many, no sense at all and its horrible. Right now there is a huge difference between 1v1-2v2 and matches on larger maps for 3v3-4v4. In greater maps people just spam mangonels or nest of bee, its horrible, worst even than aoe2 onager mass. The wortst type of play because people just spam one type of siege and its gg, even knights cannot do nothing if u have a mass of those things. I even didnt mentioned the chinese one that are broken right now with their hp bonus. Mangonels and nest of bee meta is the worst meta even seen on this game, its worse even than the spingards one. I want to play a game with armies on the field, not this horrible mess that is right now. If onagers/Mangonels/nest of bees were and are also in this game a problem then simply delete them, they are no sense and historically there are no reasons on why they should be there with that huge aoe pressure when spammed. They need a huge nerf

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??? So you want game to do all the micro for you? Dude micro your units dont blame game for what you cant do

please cancel the hive. Let China build Mangonels.


Its the exact opposite and u know it.
If i go full bees or mangonels i can simply put them on attack move and micro my other units, meanwhile with spingards on the other side i have to manually control everything and divide them in group of 3 to try overwhelm mangonels. Mangonels are way more noob friendly then its actual counters. In your opinion armies composed by spammed mangonels or nest bees are good for the game? I love to micro my units, thats why i dont want this mess of situation.

Mangonel has 9 tiles range. Not upgraded springald got 10 tiles while upgraded is 12 tiles. You got reasonable distance advantage over mangonel so you know well enough if they’re in play.

If you cant micro multiple unit groups at once then why not try using split formation. Its quite effective.

Also your argument “you dont have to micro mangonel” is bad because if you got lets say 5 mangonels and they kill the targets you want you actually want to split their dmg so its more spread. No point of wasting dmg to single area

man, u never build mangonels. you are china player with bees. So how do you know?

Never build any mangonels, but already knows how to micro mangonel. KEKW

You answer simply confirm what i was saying, to be honest i split my spingards in 2-3 gruops and i micro them to try hitting mangonels or nest BUT i think that u agree with me that if a player has to micro manage 3 groups of a unit that on the paper should be your counter while you havent to do that then there is something wrong because it is much easier playing mangonels + some other units than play an army with some spingard to counter mangonels. It’s not a secret that mangonels are a noob friendly troop since aoe2, but they are quite insane in this game. I think you agree with me that there is no fun to play a game spamming a mass composed by siege machines at 80%, Nest of bees are also on another level, they are simply no sense when produced by the chinese landmark, too much hp, you probabily dont like to play with footmen, archers and cavalry i can understand that, but be honest, we all agree before that the spingard meta was a mess, and sadly nothing changed, meta is evolved from that to mass mangonels/nest of bees. Still a cancer to see and honestly to enjoy. 1v1 the game is playable, there are a lot of way to negate this to the enemy, but on larger map is a complete mess.

Mangonel > NoB Dont have to build to know it

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