New Age Up UI Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the new age up UI? Looks too mobileish and I am really not a fan of the AI art (specifically Bast).

I like the overall appearance and transparent background. It is missing text names of the units and techs. I assume the names will appear on mouse hover, but it still seems less ideal to actually showing the names on the UI.

Honestly, I like it. I think the darker middle area should be more translucent / transparent and less opaqueness to the sides.

I really love the fact that these portraits are drawn at around the same distance to prevent some gods or goddesses from appearing closer or further away from the viewers.


I really appreciate the new icons, I think they are one of the best things about the game’s artistic direction. But in general, I don’t like the new portrayals of the minor gods. I don’t know, but something is really off with them in my opinion.

The Ptah`s portrayal dont looks nothing with the original one.

I like Ptah’s new portrait, it depicts him better imo. Bast I still say Bast it look very off, it’s AI art after all.


From what I’ve seen, I like the new art style and direction they are going, but I need to see more of it before I make my final decision.

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How do we know these are AI art? I thought at least Microsoft should have enough money to hire some decent artists for this.


We don’t know yet. As far as I’m concerned, there hasn’t been any official comment on this, so this is pure speculation at this point.

Who knows whether it’s AI - so far the hands have the right number of fingers so it could well be genuine art :sweat_smile:

Also, whether you like this new art style or not, they’re putting in the old portraits. Perhaps it’ll be sold later on as a dlc, but they’ll likely be mods anyway that swap them out, so we can pick and choose our preferences which is nice.

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When they posted Bast’s art on Twitter / X, they added this Tweet, stating that all portraits are hand-painted:


Really rubbish that they have to do this, but that’s the world we live in now. Even worse that these artists will have their work plagiarised by AI developers, possibly including their own employers.

I think the artwork and interface look good, personally, and they seem stylistically quite faithful to the originals to me.


It’s AI art as her headdress is very asymmetrical, weird symbols that are not Egyptian, the rattle is not symmetrical, the official artist has not been named because they don’t exist probably (the original AOM artist was in videos literally drawing the gods on camera), bracers are different lengths, etc. Let’s be real here it’s AI.

EDIT: Actually I would like to see the official artist drawing one of the gods on video just as proof. It’s just too suspicious.


I think it looks good. It’s clean and clear but without looking sterile or lifeless like the AoE4 UI. I Like the new god portraits too.

I have mixed feelings.
Personally I agree with some of here and their opinions. I think it looks overall very clean (which can be a good thing!) the updated icons are great (which I think should be part of a remaster/DE anyway) I also really like the Ptah portrait! And I think it’s a gigantic improvement! (strangely on Reddit they mostly dislike it and really prefer the old bland looking one…)
I personally think tho that the background should be more like a wall dedicated to the culture with signs and symbols on it it could still look clean I also think the Bastet one is overall okay from the perspective and it’s colours but I really hoped they would improve the model itself a bit more.

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I like that idea. It reminds me of the times where game UIs where way more artistic and playful instead of the modern UIs that look more like clean software interfaces. But i like the actual shown design too. It fits something in between these two concepts.


Yeh I think it’s a good idea too - just adds that little bit more flavour to each god. Nothing massive or overbearing, just a faded facade personalised to each major god.


Sadly, we live in the era of minimalism. However, I think we should be given the option to change the UI/HUD screen from:

Performance UI/HUD: Minimalism with less clutter (the current UI/HD).


Eyecandy UI/HUD: Maximalism with color galore and appropriate mythical design approach.

My guess is that more serious and pro players will want the performance approach. They would want to see what is going in through more apparent transparency during the minor god selection screen and hud/ui in general.

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Interesting idea. Tho I have to slightly disagree here. I think pro players/competitive players will be in that screen only for a second and no longer if you watch guys who play vs players they have a routine. Therefore it wouldn’t matter if the screen during age up is more busy or transparent.
I think stuck to the squares and the clean first layer just give the layer behind/back screen more impact and maybe just maybe change the font a bit.

I think I have a good wording now to sum it up better what the issue is:

The age up and its screen should be a special moment. Like you have the feel you just prayed to a god in a temple.
The current new UI is clean and good readable but it really lacks the “special moment” feeling.

Ofc pro players with a certain grounded and neutral perspective don’t need that so options would be welcome for sure

To find something redeeming to say: the icons look good. I like the God Power, Myth Unit, and Technologies icons here. They have border color themes for organization, the icons fitting to what the thing does, and they’re visually distinct from one another.

Anything I’m not commenting on is not good.