New balance changes revealed

Hi, if you know any of the new balance changes, please post it here, so we can start a discussion.

Only things I have found yet,:
+33% HP on palaside wall for cumans instead of 50%
steppe lancers will cost -5 gold
franks UTs swapped places
malay battle elephants cost -40% in imp
burgundian eco upgrades also cost -50% food

Btw these can be found in beta test of the april patch


There is also a reddit post where people have started compiling a list of changes, might be worth to cross check until we get official notes


malay battle elephant -40% cost is something I wanna try really hard, even though they miss two armors


Hmm I hope the reddit post is not true. Removing the inca vil rush means there will be no point to ever pick this civ, quite literally.


It means people will pick this civ for their easy start, kamayuks, slingers, and better tech tree than other meso civs. Which is better than just Noborushing all the time.


I checked it and it is a real change, but yeah incas become pretty useless, they need some bigger buffs

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There’s better civs for easy starts, incl. ones that dont fall off in strength in late game. Also kills variety in the game.

Well Inca tower rush has a bad tendency to make the game end in feudal age. If this isn’t killing diversity then what is. As of the civ’s late game it’s pretty good. Kamayuks and halbs mean they don’t have the Aztec’s weakness to paladin spam, while monks with block printing+redemption and siege engineers means they aren’t weak to champions+siege like Mayan.


Here is a vid with more details btw Upcoming Balance Changes! (feat. Burgundian and Sicilian buffs) - YouTube


Cool, so let’s make military unavailable until Castle Age. It’s so easy to get effectively killed off in Feudal even without towers, especially in team games. By diversity, it was meant that there’s one less playable strategy in the game, and while incas surely remain a playable civ, this will still hit them hard.

The extra stats on the vills in Feudal were extremely useful even if you did not go for a trush, simply by making feudal raids way more ineffective. The usefulness of the bonus in castle is almost nothing, as the base attacks of units far outpace the bonus.

I also dislike the Inca nerf. I always thought tower rushing to be a valid strategy and had fun doing it as well as defending from it.

The armor on vills was also quite good when you went for eagle scouts in the feudal age as vills could now fight off enemy scouts…

Now Incas are going to be extremely one dimensional. It will be Militia/MAA into archers every single time on open maps. Quite boring…


Those look good for the most part.


It’s kind of concerning this post can be easily rephrased for defending the good ol’ Teuton deathstar 11

OK how can you say that when the tower rush was literally that but 100 times worse.

I wonder if this alone will be enough to help though. Oh well. If it doesn’t thry can always try boosting the cost to -50% overall

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this is a VERY HUGE buff imo

will be stronger than the vietnamese bonus together with one age earlier


Seems unlikely since they didn’t try this with the Bulgarians, but I feel that this is good. The problem in dark age is food, not wood. Wood becomes an issue in Feudal Age with farms and military buildings. An Early Double-Bit Axe and (while advancing) Horse Collar can help certainly.

Early Gillnets on water maps is also good. As for the others, I don’t think they are that much significant because of various reasons.

Double Bit Axe means you can manage 5 lumberjacks with other civs (except Celts) having 6 lumberjacks. Not to mention reduced bumping.


But when you compare it to the vikings who get wheelbarrow for FREE and instant (so it does not cost 3 vills which you can not produce while researching the tech) it really doesn’t seem as strong…

I really hope Burmese get something. Specially for their elephants

While that was certainly no good, it’s sad to see one more civ get added to the ‘never pick’ pile. Having more civs isn’t fun if less and less are viable in each map type