New Balance Changes Thread

Feudal Age Towers +150 HP
Burmese Civ Bonus: +1/1 armor for Elephants (stacks with Howdah that has been nerfed to +1/1)
Hauberk costs 700F/600G
Incas TB: Skirmishers and Spears +2 LOS
Orthodoxy has been removed - Detinets (Replaces 40% of Castles and Towers stone cost with wood, 400W, 200G)
Paper Money has been revamped (Lumberjacks slowly generate gold in addition to wood 600W/350G)
Houfnice got nerfed (5 less attack, less bonus damage and 0.05 less blast radius)
Zealotry is now a Castle Age technology. Madrasah has been replaced by Counterweights which gives Mangonels and Trebuchets +15% attack
Elephant Archers -10 food, -50HP, -1 pierce armor, +9s training time, -5 cav archer armor, no bonus damage vs buildings, Elite reasearch time +20seconds
Imperial Camels 1 less attack
Manipur Cavalry -250F
Genitours -10F
Bohemian Monasteries are no longer cheaper
Cuman Mercenaries: Team Members can create 5 Elite Kipchaks per Castle
Camels +1 LOS
Heavy Scorpions +1 pierce armor
Arambais are trained 3 seconds faster
Ballista Elephant +2 attack (10 attack for Castle Age version, 11 for Elite)
Feitorias produce 42w/min and 60g/min (used to be 60w and 42g/min)
Mamelukes no longer have the Archer Armor class
Donjons have 1250 hitpoints in the Feudal Age
Flaming Camels +200 damage vs Buildings and +25 damage vs Siege

(Going to update)


Wtf, 6/10 armour elephants


This is bad for my mental sanity :crazy_face:


Wait. For “elephants” or for “battle elephants”?

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For Battle Elephants

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The South East Asian civs dont get ele archers, right?

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Eagles are excluded.:thinking:

Houfnice nerf. But how about hussite wagons?

They don’t, not even Burmese.

Very good change! I like it


They need a nerf?

Well, it’s more useful at least! I wonder if there are more changes too, slightlysortawishing for a nice farming or trading bonus for Incas because of their history, haha.


Would this stack with magyar team bonus (i dont know if magyar skirme are affected)

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No, Magyars don’t affect Skirms. Magyars Team Bonus affects: Archer-line and Foot Archer Unique Units.


5 damage reduction can do anything if area of damage unchanged?
Honestly, more problematic thing for Bohemians are very cheap monastery. Instant 4 monastery and mass monk with full mining tech and a very few civ can deal with. They don’t want to fix it.


Maybe they’ll revert the effect of Howdah ti +1/+1 or they’ll change the UT

Yes howdah is only +1/+1 now.


Any more changes? I wonder what and when the community members will do things, I saw ACCM streaming on Twitch with new civs, but would be nice if there’s a write-up of changes too.


Slavs TB: Military buildings (including castles) provide +5 population room. <<< This isn’t correct


Is the tower HP buff also fot the donjons?

Ornlu is explaining a lot of things on his stream, answears a lot of questions and will have a video on youtube on a lot of changes coming out in around 30 minutes if i understood correctly



6/9 armor eles, that’s nice for TGs (they can now use them in castle age) but still burmese are going to suck as ■■■■.

We: discussing on how +2 LOS for Infantry is the best tb for Incas, Devs: lets give them an even more lame bonus XD (tw at least more practical than the older one).

Finally a chad UT that motivates player to use Boyars.


WTF?? That still not adress the fact that OP cavaliers are still there without drawbacks.

Better than before.

Do nothing, also no more nerfs to Bohemians?

mmmm where are the nerfs to Mayans and Chinese, as well Franks?