New Balance Changes Thread

I haven’t seen their tech tree yet.

And the buffs to Italians/Portuguese/Spanish…

More and more civs get buffed and these civs got only some minor changes in the past, leaving them even more behind… but let us wait the final list of changes

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Tbf would be cool if they just buff everyone at the bottom instead like Viet, and Slavs getting such Cool buffs. Even if they weren’t at the bottom.

I hate Franks, but would prefer other civs get cool buffs over a frank nerf. Especially considering Devs are doing such unique things

Hilarious. Love it . Way more useful than their current one. Just for the fun of it I want to see the LOS on an Aztec allied skirm.

People might forget, but this buffs their unit AI as well. Because it now gives them a wider search area, so more likely to engage the targets you want them to when attack or patrol moving . Partly why frank knights are incrementally better

Probably my favourite buff so far. Replace a near useless UT, with an Uber useful one. That doubles up by buffing boyars! Which I liked anyway. It’s power creep for sure. But so long as they keep bottom civs buffed it’ll even out.

Vomit . Not sure exactly what needs to be done, but this is not enough

Maybe the tower buff hurts Sicilians even more? Map dependent though.

And interested to try the Burmese eles again

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That is a pretty literal interpretation of paper money.


I can give my cents that won’t change their WR and Pickrate more, while Franks, Britons and Mayans are still going to dominate as always.


I love the change, actually, i recently lost to a portuguese player who had all the relics and everlasting gold would have been handy. (It was my first match since november)

but I worry about imp skirms… With more gold available, wouldnt it better just to make arbs or rattan?

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Manipur Cavalry now costs -250 food (650 food, 400 gold → 400 food, 400 gold) @Akoskaaa10


Nice, but as I said it won’t change nothing as long as is in Imperial Age.

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Okay guys, huge change coming! Madrasah scrapped. Zealotry becomes Castle Age UT.

Imp UT: Mangonels and Trebuchets +15% attack


Nice. Zealotry in Castle is a big buff, and SOs with +15% should be pretty stronk.


Funny, Burmese now sucks against archers before both UT, after that they excel against archers 11


I think it’s because +2 for infantry would make their eagle the best scout in the game and encourage them into laming more.

The Slavs change makes me wonder whether they are going to give them arrowslits. Like seriously who thought randomly giving arrowslits to Aztecs but not to civs like Slavs or Magyars, who can at least research masonry?


+15% feels a bit small (at least for mangos)

Add these changes to Ele Archers

-50 HP
Now even elite elephant archer has only 280 HP, and 0/2 base armour

They nerfed Elephant Archers badly, they should have been moved as they were to the Archery Range since they were already too costly and underpowered…


They cost 10 less food, going to edit my post.


Did you seriously expect them to copy paste it despite the fact it would receive various new bonuses and become an archery range unit?


Does it even matter… They still cost 80 gold…

The new civs dont even get Partihan Tactics, and Gurjaras dont even get Ring Archer aRMOR, Bengalis dont get Thumb Ring AND Ring Archer Armor…

Dravidian EEA: 0+3/2+4
Gurjaras EEA: 0+2/2+2
Bengalis EEA: 0+2/2+2 armor
and ONLY 280 HP… thats not tanky at all…


You can’t use eles in castle age as is because the enemy with archers inmediatly will start going for Monks and Pikes.


Yeah, despite the fast production Ele Archer seem to be trash, like who the hell is going to make Gurjara EA-s? -5 pierce armor lmao

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They basically removed THREE PA, 50 HP AND BONUS VS SPEARS in total, by removing 1 PA and also Parthian Tactics
Not even Dravidian faster firing or Paiks is even close to make up for all this… huge nerf if I’ve ever seen one