New (balanced) Arabia Map

so number of tree if map is open or closed ?

You know, the fact that you have less trees that spawn further away means it’s more open

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After watching a lot of screen shoots i think the arabia script is bugged on purpose, to reduce arabia pick rate, so somehow they can defend their disgusting map pool, saying other maps are now getting more popular lol

You know what? I’d actually like that. Game doesn’t revolve around one map only.


The global warmingg is real af you know…

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LOL!! I laugh soooo hard because of this. I told you all so! And boy did I get haters over 1.5 years ago when I WARNED YOU ALL THAT FAIRNESS KILLS FUN.

That’s my bragging.

Yes a tournament-only Arabia map. Oh boy, am I having fun now. I warned about the pursuit of fairness and nobody listened. This is the result.

Dude, that guy Nicov i posted above saying that this iteration of tha map is ■■■■ is a pro, you know?

I know who Nicov is, I see him on Twitch. What I don’t see in your post is what Nicov said. It’s just 4 black squares, so I cannot really follow up on your comment.


Ah, now I see. I am on Nicov’s side: This is the worst Arabia ever. I don’t really know, though if we agree on the reasons, hehe. I dislike it because it’s predictable. Predictable is no fun. They made it predictable by accounting for fairness, a factor that should only matter in tournaments.

There are so many ways to prevent the wall game.

etc. increase the cost of wall, reduce durability of wall and house, decrease the forest size

But now they choose the most extreme way.
it’s really boring I almost see tower rush in every game of 1600+ now.

They already nerfed it a ■■■■ ton of times, it’s about time people accept that walls are an integral part of the game


Yeah you just can’t play the game without walls.
Walls are necessary to move out with your army cause they are the only comparably cheap tool to buy some time against an incoming raid so you can retreat your army.
The whole strategic part of the game depends on having walls available.

The next thing is, that civs with bad early agression potential NEED walls quite early. They have basically no choice, as they can’t mirror the sheer power and timings of early agression civs. The walls are there just to buy enough time to get a reasonable defence up and maybe even open with your own rush if there is the opportunity.

Without a reasonable chance to get like 50 % of your walls up before the first rush arrives, these civs are just dead, as they will be permanently put in defence and can’t be agressive themselves.
This is just horrible for balance and gameplay. Because it’s predictable and you basically can’t do anything against it, besides you know “yeah the mongol player will make his 17 pop scout rush…”. You just can’t do anything to counter it. You basically have to accept that he will damage your eco seriously with it.
This is not rts anymore. If you know what is coming and can’t come on top cause there is no counter strat available.


If we want less walling, the only way is to replace wall utility by some new tools added to the game.

There is no other way, you can’t forcingly get rid of something you don’t like if it is an essential part of the strategic balance of the game.

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There were no way to prevent the wall game

-) FC => not possible
-) Drush FC => not possible anymore
-) Wall and Boom=> not possible anymore
-) Tower Rush => was bad and rarely used before, but since all woodlines are in the back now its even WORSE

why it is problem?

U can play TC boom, and FC → Closed map

this is open map. ok? Tower rush → bad strategy should be purnished cuz many newbie players end out this game cuz of tower rush.

So there were no problem.

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The lack of logical reasoning here is frightening. Literally not seen even one good argument for why this change is good in the overall picture of the game all I hear is anecdotally "get with the times man "
“Git gud”
“But I like this style of gameplay this map provides”
“But there are other maps still for you”
“You can just ban your old favourite map what’s the problem?”


most of the arguments in this forum are just endless, meaningless arguments.
Everyone wants to convince other by their own preference only.


Whatever you think of the new Arabia, it’s quite different from the old one. I coincidentally had the old version on my computer, so I’ve uploaded it as a mod. Enjoy!

I know this doesn’t help with ranked games, but obviously I can’t do anything about that…

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