New build! PUP #58721

Hi all!

A new build, #58721:

was pushed to the PUP program earlier today. It is compatible with live multiplayer, so if you wish to try the performance fixes please follow the instructions on installing it here

If you want to submit your feedback for this build you can do it on the PUP forums

Thanks for your patience and support <3


None of these links work for me.

In windows if you have steam:
copy the link
press windows-key + r
then put in: “steam://openurl/” and insert the adress with ctr + v
and execute, now the page is opened in your steam window

thanks a lot to the devs for making that open pup steam forum :slight_smile: very neat

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How about those who have the game on the windows store or whatever is called these days?
Do we get something to test or not? Thank you.


Try to log in Steam while using the browser

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the PUP patch very smooth for me and few of my buddies. looking good!

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what about those of us who bought the game in the microsoft store? Why do they only prioritize one platform?


They don’t even answer us, isn’t this a Microsoft game? :face_with_head_bandage:


@IkoKnight8151 you’ve got some fans asking questions

Still imperial age lagging in team games even on this PUP. Can you just revert all the changes to the framerates and such done in the patch to pre patch settings?

It never lagged or dropped framerates before the latest patch. Now its horrible. I’ve switched to warcraft3 for the time being. Tried some games with the PUP and it’s still the same. Maybe slightly better but still unplayable.

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Please give back the Sans serif font to Japanese,CHINESE,korean!!The font after update 58259 is so ugly that it is hard to read and make my eyes bad feeling!PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!

Has anyone noticed any balance changes in the PUP?

PUP is Multiplayer compatible with the current patch. So no balance changes.

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