New campaigns for which existing civs?

Which existing civs would you most want to get a campaign on its own (in future DLCs)? (choose up to three)

  • Celts
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Koreans
  • Mayans
  • Magyars
  • Persians
  • Slavs
  • Turks
  • Vikings

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(Options include all civs with less than 5 own scenarios/battles, not counting the William Wallace learning campaign)

And why? What motivation is most important for you to want a campaign for a civ?

  • Civ is fun to play
  • Civ has great potential for interesting storylines and good atmosphere
  • Civ was historically significant / influential / powerful
  • I personally identify as a member of this civ (or its modern equivalent)
  • Other reasons (feel free to comment)

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I would have voted for Byzantines as clear #1 but somehow it’s not here, even if we have some scenarios it’s the only empire, with Chinese, that lasted the whole AoE2 timeline.
So Chinese, Turks and Persians is my fallback choice.


Byzantines are not included because there already is the Bari campaign with 5 levels


Bari campaign is a Byzantine campaign. So yeah.
I’d rather focus on civs that didn’t get one


Which represents a tiny and mostly historically insignificant (at the time) part of the empire.
The Justinian wars would have been much better, or the Byzantine-Sasanian wars.
Or something that showed the true extension of the empire at least.
But mind you, this is just my “plea” because I like Byzantines. So I accept it and let’s move on.


I chose Celts, Slavs and Mayans since they could have some interesting campaigns/historical battle scenarios.

In fact, I have my own list of potential campaigns/scenarios that I can share if anyone is interested.

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But Bari is more of a campaign of a family that happens to be Byzantine than a Byzantine campaign. Like the Black Campaign. An Heraclius campaign would be great
Edit: but then, I will play any content the team chooses to deploy :slight_smile:


Doesn’t matter. I’d rather focus on civs that have nothing like the Chinese, vikings, or Japanese


Yes, Bari is not the best choice for a Byzantine campaign, but a Forgotten legacy. Perhaps they thought about replacing that too (like El Dorado) as it had only 3 levels back then? Anyway, I guess, now we are not going to see another official Byzantine campaign.

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There are plenty of Viking scenarios made by FE devs (including ex-dev Filthydelphia) and others in the mod section while barely anything on Celts, Persians and Mayans.

A tutorial isn’t a campaign like come on, we don’t get to use them at imp age or anything close.


I guess a big campaign about Asia with Japanese or Chinese is missing. There’s a lot of material to even make 3-4 storylines. Perhaps it could be like a DLC with some extra factions from the region as well.

A story about the Shoguns in Japan would fit Age 2.


Celts sort of have their own campaign with William Wallace. I know it’s pretty basic, but I think that means that they really shouldn’t be that high of a priority. It could be kind of cool though. Turks and Chinese would be better I reckon. I would have Vikings as my last choice. I know that some of the FE devs and others have made some pretty cool campaigns, but maybe if some of these got packaged up, maybe with some new ones and made a new campaign.

Japoneses com campanha soaria mais ou menos como os incas em Pachacuti, numa variedade de civs se enfrentando. Seria basicamente guerra entre clĂŁs

Japanese scenario can be imjin war invasin of korea or sengoku period japan or japan defending against mongols.

Vikings can have the most interesting one fighting against a multitude of enemies.


Easily Vikings (or really any Scandinavian Civ) easily in terms of interesting campaigns they went all over the place during the early middle ages to early modern period, and there are dozens of interesting persons or even just general events (Like the Swedish crusades) to cover.

Harald Hardraada (Vikings/Norwegian Campaign):
Mission 1 Can cover the Battle of Stiklestad, his service to his brother Olaf, Setups his exile to Kievan Rus and his eventual return to claim the throne.
Mission 2: Covers his exile in the Kievan Rus, His service to Yaroslav the Wise, the latters campaigns against the Poles and Hardraada’s role in them. Setups his service to the Byzantine Emperor.
Mission 3-4: Covers his service to the Byzantine Emperor as captain of his Varangian guard, his battling against all sorts of enemies across the mediterranean from Arab pirates, Sicillians, Pechenegs (Represented ingame by Cumans), Bulgarians, etc, the conflict over the successorship to the Byzantine Emperor. Really there’s so much here it could easily be 2 missions or more.
Mission 5. Can cover his return to Norway, him claiming the Norwegian Throne, his invasions of Denmark.
Mission 6. Covers his invasion of England that was prompted by his bid for its Kingship, the subsequent Battle of Stamford Bridge and his defeat by Harold Godwinson that resulted in his death. There can be a comment about his death heralding the end of the Viking Age as is considered in academia

If this isn’t good material for a campaign than what it is?


Of course,in fact aoe 2 has no campaign (which does not historical battle) in the sixth or seventh century,so I think that a campaign with Belisarius (505-565) would be very good…fighting Persians,Vandals (Berbers) in North Africa and Goths in Italy,it would be similar to that of Empire Earth 1…

Empire Earth: Tutorial 8 (HĂ©roes y TĂ©cnicas de Combate) - YouTube


the Celts already have that of William Wallace and the Slavs already have that of Dracula and as enemies in that of Genghis Khan and Kotyan Khan…that of the Maya would have very little variety…

The Chinese already appear as enemies in the campaign of Genghis Khan and in Lake Poyang and the Japanese already appear as enemies in Noryang Point and in Kurikara…

There’s already a Byz campaign in the game. I think we as a community should put priority on getting campaigns for civs without any.

Yes it could be a Japanese campaign with Toyotomi Hideyoshi between 1560 and 1592, which ends up acting as a link between Kyoto (1582), Noryang Point (1598) and the campaign of Tokugawa and Torii Mototada in aoe 3 (1598-1600)…