New campaigns for which existing civs?

the Celts already have that of William Wallace

Tutorial is not a campaign, not a single scenario where you can fully play imperial age without having a silly objective where you destroy a castle and win it easily and don’t get me started on the Braveheart mockup.

Slavs already have that of Dracula

Dracula’ Slavs doesn’t even represent the Rus, Ruthenians or Muscovites, I would love to see an Ivan the Terrible/some random battle scenarios for them, don’t have to be official ones but good ones.

and as enemies in that of Genghis Khan and Kotyan Khan

That doesn’t mean anything.

There are plenty of potential campaigns/battle scenarios for most civs, even the ones who already have a campaign but they should be official only if they’re well designed.


The Imjin Wars already appeared in the mobile game of aoe 3;and about the Mongols,beyond what Ghost of Tsushima says,they had almost no combat with the Japanese…

Coastline | age of empires 3 | java game | imjin war | Campaign Gameplay Redefined | :arrow_forward: Play - YouTube

the Vikings could be from Lindisfarne in 793 to Erik the Red in the year 1000, although it is possible that they make such a campaign in aoe 4…

*the Battle of Stamford Bridge,the Battle of Hastings is that of William the Conqueror…

It has being fixed now

There’s one in the mod browser tho I won’t mind for a good one to become an official.

Tutorial or not,it is still a campaign:it has cinematics,six scenarios and an enemy to defeat…it’s like you telling me that the Egypt campaign of aoe 1 is not a campaign because it acts as a tutorial of the game…of the aom,aoe 3 and aoe 4 I do not speak,because those games already have their respective tutorials…

About the Rus,Ivan the Terrible seems very late for the game (Ivan the Terrible is the Russian leader in aoe 3);they could do a campaign by electing any Rus leader between 882 and 1054/1552…

And about the campaigns,yes you can get campaigns from many sides,but the resources of FE are limited and you do not have to go too much by the branches…

i was talking about a “I play the civ from their perspective in an entire campaign”.


Which civilizations would be the ones that do not have a campaign yet?..

ok,then which civilizations would be the ones that don’t have a campaign yet?..

Probably some other civ but I can’t think of it

Slavs/magyars/turks share Dracula but i think that should change


In a DLC about Japan, what could be a new faction included? The Oda clan?

The dlc wouldnt be just about Japan lol


Lol, yeah I know, but there would probably need to be a new faction from the region (Korea/China/Japan).

The Oda clan is quite fitting for a campaign.

Theres plenty of options: Jurchen, Tanguts, Chams, Tibetans, Khitans, Thai, Uyghurs

Adding an Oda campaign seems fine but dividing Japanese would be pretty silly


Yeah I agree that dividing every country into small kingdoms would create confusion, but the Oda clan unified Japan. So they have similar importance as the Burgundians or the Sicilians.

Burgundians and Normans (Sicilians) were separated from France for a while and had a unique-ish culture, not to mention Normans controlled England, Normandy and Sicilia and Burgundians were ridiculously wealthy. They are still way too Frank-ish for my taste but they are better than a Japanese clan that only unified Japan very lately on the game’s timeline and didnt differ as much

And historical battles do not count?..I don’t think that all at once they will get 7 campaigns for the missing civs…

In fact,although the Oda clan began the unification of Japan,the one that finally achieved it was Tokugawa in 1600 and he already has a campaign in aoe 3…

I was just counting full campaigns.

How are they not covered by Japaneese?