New Campaigns

I would really like to see a DLC that added new campaigns for the new dlcs (USA, Mexico, Africa, knights of the Mediterranean).


Everyone would. Nothing came out or was hinted at in the past couple of years and I doubt, especially with the next installment around, any significant additional funding will be given by Microsoft to make a new, big, high production value singleplayer campaign for 3DE.
Devs did a pretty good job with historical missions-battles, I’m afraid these types of missions will be the only equivalent of campaigns we’ll see.

Scenario editor for AoE3 never was super easy and super fast to work with, in some way it’s a bit of pain in the butt to create complex scenarios. If it was easy, we would see a lot of that stuff from modders. This engine was created just around the beginning of the proper 3D era in RTS games, and despite remastering, there are some inherited issues and shortcomings.

I still was surprised and happy they gave players Swedes and Inca new civs. Since then additional six civs were added, so content-wise I’m happy. No need to mention things like loads of new maps, minor civs and even new game systems and core functionality.


A Special Event It means a large number of battles, a large number of countries and units, and a large number of new heroic units. I feel very moved

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We all do. The lack of campaigns comes off as “tone deaf” and “out-of-touch”. Who are FE making the game for? Super competitive gamers? They are alienated by the lack of balance and constant updates. The casual strategy fans? They are alienated by the lack of single player content.


Campaigns are expensive
The time to create all the content, civs, ideas and scenarios is insane
Civs are cheaper to make ^^

No, probably it means cosmetics.

when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one, look at aoe4 and its obsession with esports, not interested in seeing that spread


dare i say the definitive editions, including aoe3, are doing far better job at appealing to casual strategy gamers than aoe4 is


They’re not going to campaign…they require a lot of work…at most they will make historic battles for Italians and Maltese…

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With all due respect, new campaigns was half of the reason I was excited for DE. I knew quality campaigns were too much to ask and expect for fan devs such as the WOL and NE teams, but I assumed that would change when FE are getting paid. Yet a lot of the work done on DE is nothing the WOL and NE teams couldn’t make. We should have the luxury of comparing FE to Ensemble Studios and Big Huge Games, not the WOL and NE teams.

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I get what you mean ^^
And im sure that alot of the work FE did / does is not possible for us, since we live of 2 people who made / make the " UnHardCode " patch. Without these 2 guys, we couldnt even have more than the base game civs lol.
Anyway, Its not like FE doesnt get paid for the work, but they only get X ammount of balance, for each add-on
And if that is by far not enough, they cant make it ._.
I would love a new campaign, even tho the story about the Black´s famely endet with TWC.
( I hated the Asian campaigns for that… )

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This person said that there would be a European DLC when almost everyone said that it was something absurd.

I hope this time it’s right too. XD

The problem is not that I don’t want to, I think the problem is the low budget. AOE-4 barely has any decent campaigns, they didn’t bother to do a single cinematic (I think). I doubt they will do more campaigns for the other games.

Yeag, OFC, if you are writting a lot of post finally one of them can be right. And a European DLC was a very probable thing.

But no, we won’t get 5 civs and 30 historical missions in the next event.

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A misunderstood Nostradamus xd…

Like no?, if you have a lot of documentaries xd…

Part of the problem with AoE4 and AoE3 campaigns is that they aren’t particularly dynamic. They’re set in a fixed battle of Player vs. Enemy, no diverse opponents, no diplomacy or tribute mechanics.

Compare to AoE2 campaigns where each mission represents a larger war or even series of wars, where the player has multiple types of enemies or allies. The player can convince factions to join their side or could be betrayed by their ally. The player was often given the option to attack and raid the enemy’s smaller allies to gain an upper-hand ahead of the final engagement.

The AoE3 and 4 campaigns exhibit none of this dynamism, which otherwise has made AoE2 unique out of all strategy games with a single player component.

Of course, I wouldn’t have said it better… although that already came from AoM and I would tell you that it takes a lot of influence from the WC3 campaigns… the worst thing is that AoE 4 does not even have naval or amphibious missions to give more variety to these and abuses the defense of the bastions cof cof last three missions of the English campaign… and that EE1 and EE2 being less known within the Empire hexalogy, still maintains the characteristic of the classic campaigns of AoE with several enemies per scenario…