New Cards for Old civs?

With the release of this recent patch, in which new cards were added for the new African Civs, do you guys think there might be a chance for the old civs to get new cards themselves, especially some that could “spice up” their gameplay?


Many interesting or absurd cards that the new civs have are more for meme gameplays and do not impact the meta significantly (except very rare scenarios when a meme strategy works). So I think it wouldn’t hurt if old civs get something like that, just for fun.

On the other hand, I’m a little tired of new civs getting greater and greater access to unit types they do not have regularly since TAD, despite usually being quite expensive. That’s why I always think the mercenary cards and church techs need a serious improvement.


Or even updating existing cards will do, like Sanctuary Laws, Dance Hall/Atonement, Grenadier Card, Church cards, etc. Same goes for some almost useless Age up options and Wonders (White Pagoda in supremacy for eg).


It probably won’t happen but one card I wish the other civs had is Case Shot from Sweden. It may not be that good enough as a card, but it would be really cool to have the implementation of case shot for most civs. A change like the Sevastopol Mortar would be cool too.

Some tend to improve over time. Or if, we cannot propose how to improve them.


I have to take time to write in this post, it is the one that interests me the most, we must propose ideas so that they can rework many useless cards, mercenary cards and church techs, it will refresh the old civs a lot, we just have to be cautious and not give them too much power so that they do not affect too much to the meta, which is the reason that intimidates at the developers.


I guess everyone who has seen my thread on the topic of outposts won’t be surprised by my suggestions below:

Change the “Extensive Fortifications” card to include not only the higher outpost limit, but also grant splash damage to each outpost shot. The strength of the splash effect now increases with the number of settlers or non-combat units garrisoned inside the outpost.

Change the “Colonial Militia” card to enable it not only to build a second team of minutemen from town centers, but also to allow outposts to train a one time only team of three minutemen as well.


I think that at the beginning of next year, or at the end of this we could expect big surprises because they are remodeling and detailing many units such as the ulanos, so I trust that many more elements will arrive in the future.

Europeans, Americans and Asians need new cards. Many of these to enhance the treated mode of pre-Columbian civilizations with infinite natives and infinite wood larger than the typical ‘300 infinite wood’.

Already many European civilizations could have cards of infinite natives of Africa, such as Portugal and Ottomans.