Renewals to the original content and its first two expansions

My intention:

If the game continues the trend of improving as it progresses, I hope that in the future it will be renewed and things will be implemented to the base content and its first expansions to live up to what the DLC ‘The African Royals’ offered us.

I have thought about some things that have already been discussed and others that I would suggest, but it is better to collect them to represent common interests, so they do not become irrelevant forums over time.

¡Let’s start!:

Africa DLC mechanics that would fit on maps of Asia and America:

Naval trade route:

Should this be unique to Africa? I do not think so!
The first trade routes drawn between America and Asia were those in charge of globalizing the world.
The world silver trade between the Americas, Europe and China from the 16th to the 19th centuries was a spillover from the Columbian exchange that had a profound effect on the world economy. In fact, many scholars consider the silver trade to mark the beginning of a genuinely global economy, and one historian noted that silver “went around the world and made the world go round.”

Obviously for the Atlantic there were also. There could be a map of the Amazon River with trade route boats.

Water treasures on American maps:

Asia already has them, but in America it would be good to implement them as well. It could be shipwrecks or lost ships and the like.

New cards for the oldest civilizations (European, pre-Columbian and Asian).

Many have asked that they modify the cards of these civilizations and also include new cards. It is a subject to be dealt with by each civilization in particular, so delving into this would take me a long time and should be a separate subject given its complexity. However, I will mention a few:

  • A letter from ‘gunner’ to the Portuguese.

  • Infinite wood card of at least 1000 for all civilizations (This in order to make the treated mode more sustainable for ship building or native training)

  • A card for the Ottomans that awards ‘infinite natives’ (Maybe Africans) and not ‘infinite barbarian corsairs’. (For ‘treated’ mode mainly)

  • Some who play for Spain have requested that they can have ‘Pathfinders’. It could be an infinite card that gives you 15 conquerors in exchange for coins in the industrial age. (For ‘treated’ mode mainly).

They had already told me that Spain is very strong in the use of natives, so I leave it up for discussion.

This topic has already been discussed about the cards that could be improved in other forums, so I will not elaborate further.

The general idea is to improve current cards, and implement new ones for older civilizations.

Reworking Native Asian and American peoples.

We are currently proposing ideas to add diversity and usefulness to the native peoples of America and Asia. They are one of the most underutilized functions in the game and deserve the most affection.

We may also add new tribes in the future for American maps. A replacement for the Incas that grants similar improvements.

There are Zapotecs and Caribs on the map of the Amazon. (I don’t know if it is historically correct, but I think the Zapotecs never lived here, and the Caribs I think only populated the coastal limits). Add new tribes with more historical accuracy.

New maps with new fauna and flora on American maps… And maybe natives (?)

I am not only proposing new RMS, but also new styles according to the ecosystems.

Many maps such as the Andes and the Amazon are very summarized. In the case of North America it is very diverse, but in South America more could be implemented.

The Amazon can be summed up in a river and is currently out of competition.

The Andes represent only the area dominated by the Incas.
New types of endemic ecosystems could be added to the northern part of the Andes. (It would involve adding new natives).
Guanacos did not exist in the northern part of the Andes.

What new map styles could we consider?:

High Andean moors:


It could be a map similar to Rockies in terms of relief.
In the center, a river runs from north to south with abundant fish, surrounded by lots of Andean oak wood. And in the mountains that would be in the eastern part and in the western part, wood is scarce, but with good hunting (deer) and gold mines.

Possible natives:
Aymara people
Muisca people or Chibcha
Quechua people
Uru people
Diaguita people

Atacama desert map:

Maritime trade route, and fishing in the west.
A large desert from south to north with many copper mines.
In the east abundant forests and hunting.
(I would use the existing styles).

Possible natives:
Atacama people.


Map with forests and cliffs in the south and southwest, and in the north and northeast an ocean rich in whales and fishing, with a maritime trade route, and some small islands.

Possible natives:

Guajira Peninsula

The scenery of Guajira is very picturesque, with wide desert plains and green, foggy mountains. The daytime temperature in the plains is very high, but it is more temperate in the mountains.

Possible natives:
The Wayuu

Someone from Brazil could suggest more natives apart from the tupis, and more different maps to the main Amazon basin.

Historical Battles for Central and South America

The Aztecs never had their own campaign, neither did the Incas. The Mapuches and Tupies could also have their own historical battles.

Some historical battles of independence against the Portuguese and Spanish. Simon Bolivar would be a good candidate.

Make the useless useful.

There are many forums about it. They basically try to improve and polish what is already there in some way. Older content is the one that needs these improvements the most. I already have a forum that encompasses all this:

Improve the way Haudenosaunee and Lakota earn coins.

It is perhaps what I least like about the definitive edition. The idea itself is good. The way it is implemented is not. There are many proposals for how it could be improved to make more sense.

The cattle of the Europeans.

I had already proposed it before, but here I want to refine the idea and propose how it could be implemented. Because I have thought that cattle are not fully represented for Europeans.

Livestock has accompanied many civilizations over the millennia and I think it needs a job in depth. I am happy that African civilizations have it as a base of their economy, having different ways of using it according to the needs of the player.

European nations had different types of cattle, with different qualities and disadvantages. But the breed that generally appears in the game is the Holstein breed, a breed of Dutch origin properly suitable for milk production and not for being fattened, although it can also be consumed as meat (Obviously).

Even India has these types of cattle, which is not true. So this could be changed to make it more realistic.

The point I want to get to is that Europeans’ cattle could have a dual purpose, that is: They could be fattened, or they could produce milk. In the case of sheep, they could produce wool (which translates into coins), or they could get fat.

In case they are destined to produce milk or wool, they would not get fat.

In the case of allocating cows and sheep to produce milk or wool respectively. They would constantly produce food (Milk), or coins (Wool). But there would be a reinvestment every so often of food and coins in exchange for a higher income from some resource. (something similar to the replanting of AOE-2 farms).
To tend the cattle, one villager would be used for every 5 cows, or one villager for every 10 sheep.

In the case of letting the cattle get fat, you do not need to invest anything.
It remains as it is today. So both obtions remain feasible.

In the event that each nation has its own race, some would be more productive in one way and others in another way. And others might be in the middle.

This requires further investigation and I will create a separate forum in case you like the idea. I propose this because I like that cattle stand out more in the game economy.

Tell me what you think about it.

That’s all for now, and it’s what I think is needed for the older content in the game to match the newer content. New things could be implemented at the same time as old ones are polished.

I could expand the forum if I see that it attracts attention and I have more ideas proposed by you.



It seems you have put some real work into this. I respect that. Most of the ideas are very good (I especially like your proposal to rework cattle), but I would really like you to add the reworking of the outposts, which is a bit of a pet peeve of mine in the current meta. Keep up the good work, I hope your hard work raises a few eyebrows in the right places.


The towers is an issue that I have touched on in my other ‘useless stuff’ forum. I proposed that they have a further upgrade in the imperial era. I am one of those who like the game of treaty, or the defensive mode. Many of us like this style of play, but it is very little feasible at the moment. I will anchor your proposal in that forum. :+1:

Another of the maps could be ‘Potosí’. One of the largest silver deposits in history.

New maps based on Patagonia, or a reworking of the Patagonia map.

It could be that it is surrounded by both oceans (South Atlantic and South Pacific). Being traveled by 2 trade routes each in a different sense. Since many ships had to surround the continent due to the fact that the Panama Canal did not exist at that time (Obviously).

Many small islands around and the polar cap further south.
In the center, the Andes mountain range could begin, a great mountain that begins from the center of the map and extends to the north.

Possible natives:


I’ve been thinking for a while that a Tierra del Fuego map would be cool. It would be a large main island in the south with few resources, but surrounded by extremely rich seas with abundant fishing and whaling opportunities and a naval trade route with two tradeposts that pass along the coastline of a thin stripe of land in the North. It would be similar to the Hokkaido map, but with a smaller and rounder main island and with less resources in there.

It would be a tough map to deal with, because the vast amount of your resource gathering would be out at sea, but your enemy would be close by sharing the same smallish landmass as you. This would require some savvy balancing of your military resources between land and water. This is probably not the best post to share this, but looking at your maps of Patagonia, it all came back to mind…


All ideas are welcome if they are related to the purpose of the forum.


Interesting ideas. Hope they see it

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One can hope:

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As for South America, it needs at least two brand new civs - to be aligned with South America. Due to the fact that North America has 1 highly developed civ (Aztecs) and two indigenous civs (Lakota and Iroquois), I think that South America with only Inca (highly developed civ) should receive two new indigenous civs - Mapuche and Tupi. It would be a South American DLC.
Potentially, there may also be highly developed American civs DLC from Muisca and Maya civs in the future. Then we would have 8 native American civs (4 from North America and 4 from South America).

More maps with the new Minor Nations for South America are necessary. North America could also get some news. An American Minor Nations makeover could also be.

The USA civ opened the way for America’s most powerful revolutions - it wasn’t necessary, but it has already happened. It is a pity that the US civ did not add the Mexican civ as well, as it would be an equal continental rival. The Brazilians and Gran Colombians (and possibly the Argentines as well) are also worth adding for the USA civ in the game.


The first thing that comes to my mind about Asia is a weak Minor Nations. I would prefer that, like other continents, Asian maps contain Minor Nations - not Shaolin and Jesuits. Asian maps should receive more Minor Nations based on Asian nations such as Afghans, Tibetans and Koreans. You could also add some maps from Oceania that include Minor Nations such as Māori and Aborigines. The current Asian Minor Nations could be present on the maps simultaneously with the new Minor Nations (mixed). On some current maps, the current Minor Nations would be replaced with new ones for greater accuracy and correctness.

Of course, this game lacks such Asian empires as the Persians, Siamese and Omani (or Arabs) - these are undeniable candidates for new civs. Potentially, 2 other civs could also be added - Vijayanagara (South Indian Hindu Empire) and Tatar-Mongolian civ (nomadic civ representing North and Central Asia).


MORE MINOR NATIONS PLEASE :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

There is a new civ on the horizon and most likely it is Moroccan civ - all indications are that; it will probably be added for owners of African Royals DLC.

In the future I would like to see more African civs such as Congolese and Mutapa.

South Africa maps with Minor Nations are sorely lacking. Maybe they will be added in future updates or maybe in the South African DLC (with new civs)?


Finally, I left Europe without maps and Minor Nations. Of course, it is logical that if they only appear in the paid DLC, just like the African maps.

The European DLC could be a relatively large DLC modeled on the old DLC to the classic AoE 3. It could give new features and mechanics for European civs e.g. more extensive tactics for military units - new formations, attack priority (buildings or units) positioning priority (who is on the front line - infantry or cavalry?), Mercenaries would not fill the default population (Outposts would provide a special population for Mercenaries) and more animals to train in the Livestock Pen (cows, pigs and maybe even poultry: chickens and geese).

A European DLC could also add non-colonial European powers as new civs such as:

  1. Austria-Hungary civ
  2. Poland-Lithuania civ
  3. Prussians civ
  • potentially to this group of civs would be transferred Germans civ which would become Holy Roman Empire civ
  • Italians civ could also belong to this group of civs (I think they fit more here than in the group of colonial powers)

This would give us a sizeable new set of European civs that could have different mechanics and would work differently from their continental rivals who created the colonial empires.

If you are interested in what the European DLC and the new group of European civs could look like, I invite you to my topic :wink:


For America you can add new natives and maps. If they add new civilizations, they could be Mapuche. More civilizations in America would be very forced. I like the Mayans as a minor faction, but they must improve it.

Instead of adding new civilizations like Mexico or Greater Colombia, they should better make the revolutions more dynamic and attractive to use.

The US became a complete faction because they are the hosts and achieved its independence long before other nations in America.

Personally, I would like a separate WOL-style game mode where these types of civilizations would fit in. In the standard game they do not seem viable to me.


so you dont mention the actual realistic options:


yet you do mention the 1 faction you for certainty have been told wont be added.

never change Muta :rofl:

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I mentioned the DLC adding non-colonial European powers. I guess you know that in my topic I also mentioned Denmark-Norway?

It is not 100% confirmed :wink:

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More advanced formations and that mercenaries do not count as populations. I like that!. It would fit better here:

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I will present my proposal on reworking to the European cattle later, but I want to know what you think about it. For now I leave you this information:

“Cattle were first brought to the western hemisphere by Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez took offspring of those same cattle to Mexico in 1519. In 1773, Juan Bautista de Anza brought 200 head of cattle to California to supply the early California missions.”


This may have been one of the first breeds in the new world.
A breed of Iberian origin.

It is a somewhat difficult job, but I would be happy to do it because humanity would not be the same without the contribution that these beautiful animals have made to human development.


… Something tells me they will be in the future.


This is just what I was asking for.


e triste como eles representarão a américa do sul no jogo adicionaram poucos mapas e so 2 nativos tupi e mapuche acho que no desenvolvimento do jogo, pensarão 90% nas colônias britânicas e nativos norte americanos

There was already a statement about it and I think they will add more maps (hopefully new biomes) and natives.


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What is promised is debt. I hope you like it.

I made some changes from the original proposal. Now one villager for every 10 cows, and one villager for every 15 sheep.

I made this proposal so that it is not too automatic, but it would be somewhat tedious because 7 villagers would be needed. So only 4 workers would be needed with this newly proposed change.

The pens would have to be redesigned so that the animation of milking or shearing looks good. FE has good artists and they will surely do better than what I proposed (if they do, of course). But I would love it.

For those who say that this would be something OP, I would say that this is similar to a sea strategy. It would not be an opening strategy and you will depend on cards to make it biable. For instance:

Captura de pantalla (393)

The letter of 7 infinite sheep + a corral would be reduced accordingly and the corrals would be more expensive in wood.

The ‘ranching’ card would make cattle cheaper and extend the limit. We could create cows by default, but the default limit would not be 20, it would be 10 and its price would not be 80 for food, it would be higher. For sheep the limit would be 20. Then this card could increase the limit of cows and sheep to +10.

The card currently enables cows in the corral, but it is better that they are accessible from the beginning with a maximum of 10 and a price higher than that of the sheep.

This way the player can use cattle later even if he does not have cattle decks. Such as someone who does fishing without having opted for an economic strategy of the sea, it would not have the same benefits as if you used the cards.