New civ concept: The Swiss

Well, i would like a lot this civ, but the problem is that they weren’t an organizated state until XIX century. Here we go:

Infantry and Mercenaries civilization:

  • Pikemen upgrade available 1 age earlier (i was thinking to do the same with Halbs, but might be too OP)
    They were one of the first civilizations on the world using freely the pike and the halberd
  • Mercenaries train 20% faster (See the concept below)
    Their mercenary armies served along all Europe. Either they recruit armies very fast.
  • Miners don’t need to drop off the gold on mining camp
    (Great production of resources in a small territory, specially clocks, etc.)
  • Fortifications built 20% faster, +10% HP
    Lots of powerful forts across the territory, mostly great castles.

UU: Swiss Pikeman
Powerful, but slow pikeman with a little range that can get +5 hp for every relic garrisoned and returns some gold when dies (Max 4, total +20hp), strong vs cavalry and gunpowder, weak vs archers and champions

UT 1: Confederation: Allied Monks +1 Range
(The Swiss states were ruled by a Confederation where the catholic curchs had a lot of influence)
UT 2: Phalanx formartion: Halberdiers and Swiss pikeman +1 range
(Swiss infantry were known by their compacted formation of units with large Spears, Pikes, and Halberds.)

UB: Tavern: Building that allow hire mercenaries. Available for Swiss and their allies. Only 1 per castle. Can be built from Castle Age. Cost: 200w 75g

TB: Allies can build taverns to hire mercenaries (Swiss pikeman, mercenary units in game. Eg Condottieri.)
Mercenaries unit list:
Lansquenets: Unit with a big sword that can charge its attack. (Similar to AoE3 concept) Weak vs cavalry, good vs infantry
Condottieri: It’s the same italian unit
Hungarian Huszár: same as Magyar UU, costing even more gold
Elmeti: Cavalry from Italy that have a good melee armor.
To be expanded

Wonder: Grossmünster (Zúrich cathedral)


Tech tree:
Barrack: Loses arson, eagles.
Archery Range: HCA, Parthian Tactics.
Stable: Paladin, Camels, Husbandry.
Siege Workshop: SO, SR.
University: Might Red Shot, unsure about this techs.
Market. Full
TC: Full
Dock: Fast fire ship, Hvy demo ship.
Castles: Full
Blacksmith: Last archer armor
Eco: Crop rotation, last gold tech.

Im not expert at creating civ concepts. Any help to improve this topic would be highly grateful.


This proposal looks kinda familiar to me.
Didn’t we had one comparable already?

One thing I wanna mention is that actually the swiss gewalthaufen was used as mercenaries all over europe, so right the opposite way you want to implement the mercenary function.
I actually even think that the Gewalthaufen could be an interesting option for a lategame heavy infantry mercenary available to most european civs - and swiss (and their allies) get it cheaper.

They need an eco bonus or at least something to help their early game. Without that the whole design is worthless as we cant see how they would play out

And two spear UUs seems quite redundant, particularly when the Papal Guard is kind of just the Swiss pikeman already


If there is one, i didin’t know about them. Anyways i put a lot of effort on it.
I updated the mercenary concept, while my idea is to collect every mercenary unit into this building that Swiss and his allies can construct.

Economic bonus

Can build trade workshops in Imperial Age. Villagers garrisoned in a trade workshop turn wood into gold. Probably by producing cuckoo clocks.

To avoid the risk of breaking other missions let’s only give the ability to garrison villagers to the Swiss.

To be entirely honest I don’t think we need the Swiss since we already have the Burgundians who :

  • owned more than Burgundy, such as the Low Countries. During the Dark Ages the Burgundians controlled modern-day Switzerland, it was there that they founded their kingdom
  • already have the theme of villagers taking arms into a powerful infantry force (flemish revolution)
  • the Burgundians speak a regional variant of french, so does western Switzerland. Now mainly standardised into parisian french.

I can say mostly Inf supported by arbs and cavaliers. Also gunpowder they have gunpowder. So basically the civ role would be accumulate resources and make an army with powerful melee units and decent archers. If some cav is required, then make it too. Pikeman on feudal is mortal vs scout rushes, so you won’t dare to play it. Also tower rush strategy would be used because they are built faster.

They need something in early game, by imp they are fine

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Thats not how the civ would play out though, thats just their tech tree

We need to know what their eco would be good at

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I also think that they could be not needed, but i just made my idea.

i would say… gold or wood. Both were produced on the region. i like @DukeOfLorraine idea, but could be weird. and they have the tavern so im not sure. The problem here is that mostly all the bonuses were taken on wood and gold.

But you need to choose something before we can discuss the civ. Otherwise its too hard to get any conclusion

Cool design, I like it. Some comments.

I think can stay for a pike civ

Monk techs are vanishing! Maybe we may think of a different tech? Like an additional bonus for pike?

I agree

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Maybe you don’t need the tavern at all. Like condotieri and genitours, have the swiss pikeman be trained in the barracks and the papal guard in the castle for your allies.

Just as an example, you can give them trainable heradables, cheaper barracks or miners not needing to drop off

I was thinking exactly the same about the last one.

Trainable herdables would give them an unthinkable synergy with the Gurjaras.

The one about miners sound good.

Tbh I still think they would need other eco bonus or a good mil bonus (even the spear bonus is fairly slow)


You can just cap how good the Gurjara bonus can be or make the herdables trained by the Swiss generate less food for them
Either way its not worse than Gurjaras in Ghost Lake

I added it, but lacking the last mining tech to balance it a bit, because the gold acumulation of this civ at this case would be very strong.

regarding the tavern concept it could be done in an interesting way like this:
let’s you recruit your opponents’ UU. probably needs to be limited somehow:
eg only create as many as your opponent has created
way slower creation time
can only build as many taverns as you have castles
etc. basically loads of UU would be overpowered if we could make them from a wood only building, so there needs to be some extra cost/limit to it

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Such a horrible single dimensional design, you basically made a theme park for Pikes, no other aspect to the civ, so boring, come on.

With that being said, the concept of Mercenaries is so good, I wonder why we dont have it in AOE, not necessarily a shared unit, but an unit that cost only Gold (that’s not monk type).