New civ concept: The Swiss

I like the concept of the tavern, also because it would add a structure that if adapted to the various architectures would also give a pleasant visual contribution to the cities in the scenarios and in the editor, the Swiss could also derive a small economic bonus when the allies recruit units in the tavern; I would like a DLC with Swiss, Georgians and Tibetans could be called ‘Lords of the mountains’!


Koreans have free tower techs

Didn’t saw the change to the UU.

As for towers, I believe that you should look at a defensive bonus more than a tower bonus.

Considering that your eco bonus leads you to boom, you need something to protect you for that boom. That isn’t necessarily a bonus about defensive structures, for example a good defensive bonus is the poles vill HP regeneration bonus.

A faster building wall for example allows you to easily wall your base using less vills and vill time.

Another nice defensive bonus, both for defense, eco and offense could be that supplies affects spear line and skirm line units.

That would add strength to the swiss pikes, that would cost 20 food instead of 35, and to skirms too, that would cost just 10 food. This would help you to tain sheeps and cows, but also to train spears and skirms to defend your base in feudal.

You probably need some compensation for such bonus, like your skirms lacking bracer, or the last archer armor, but it could be a really good bonus.

Just look at this civ:

  • Can train sheeps for 50 food at the mill
  • Pikemen have +0.5 range and slow down enemy units
  • Walls are built 50% faster (buff it even to 80% if you want…)
  • Supplies affects spear and skirm line units
  • TB: You can train your UU from a wood costing building.

Overall that’s not too bad…

Yeah I meant that even techs like arrow slits, murder holes and heated shots could be included, but in prospective it’s still a worse bonus than the Korean or even Italian ones.


  • Building bonus → Supplies affect skirm and spear (remember that Swiss lack of the last archer armor)

How do you see Handchütze, the UU?

That’s might be good, but you can leave a wall bonus…

The UU might work. The special ability isn’t that unique since several units after the last DLC have it, but it still an HC that is available at wood building in castle age, so it’s good.

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Civ Name changed to → Helvetians or Helvetics ( In Spanish, Helvéticos) to represent more accurately the civ on AOE II timeframe.

  • Tavern cost 250w, 50g

Swiss is easier to identify.

How will that work out?

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Well, that is a old concept, the UU changed.

Well, i know, but we have shields icons. No one would identifiy more “Teutons” than “Germans” or “Byzantines” than “Greeks”, so i think this wouldn’t be a problem… In-game that image that goes in the middle-down could easily be swiss cross, and i think people would identify it, and makes sense to the historical design of the game, Franks aren’t French, and so. But maybe do an option to see “Swiss” or “Helvetians” on the civ name.

Most recent version:

  • Pikemen 0.5 range (this slow mechanic that has this bonus is strange and i don’t know how will impact.)

  • Herdables can be trained on Mill, Sheeps at Dark for 50f and Cows at Castle for 75f.

  • Gold miners don’t to need drop off.

  • Skirmisher and Spearman affected by supplies

  • UU: Handchütze

(The unit got nerfed because it was overpowered…)

Can shoot projectiles that can cross enemy rows, damaging at least 3 enemies.


  • HP, decreased to 35 - 40

  • Atk, decreased to 14 - 15

  • Speed, same.

  • Reload: every 2.5s.

  • Range, same.

  • Armor, decreased: 0/0 on castle, 1/1 on Imperial

  • Training time: increased to 45s - 40s


Castle: Cantons: Allied Monks +1 range

Imperial: Helvetian Discipline: Infantry units -5 anti infantry damage, Gunpowder units +3 attack vs Cavalries.

UB: Allies can build Tavern to hire Handchütze, max 35. Trains slower.

Tech tree:
Barrack: Loses arson, eagles.
Archery Range: HCA, Parthian Tactics.
Stable: Paladin, Camels, Husbandry.
Siege Workshop: SO, SR.
University: Heated Shot
Market. Full
TC: Full
Dock: Fast fire ship, Hvy demo ship.
Castles: Full
Blacksmith: Last archer armor
Eco: Crop rotation, last gold tech.

Buying heradles for food make no sense replace with gold like sheep cost 10g cow 15

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Is this really useful?

I feel the 0.5 range would be useless as you cant reach over the unit in front without it being one tile.