New civ is coming

I came up with a very very important thing, look at the map that is depicted in this figure, I don’t know much about history, but it could center something with the Byzantines etc.

I live in Italy and as soon as I saw Italy I had a doubt, I don’t think the ships center with Arabia, and I don’t think the Roman Empire has this piece of Italy in the years of age.

Immagine 2022-08-13 031211

I think it’s not random guys
look this is the photo of the previous patch

i think this is a part of france


now i’m really excited to see the next update, i hope that’s what i imagine

guys now I’m really really happy, the firefighters are to depict the Byzantine ships
I refer to this New content coming for Aoe4

this is the Greek fire


Good observation.
I didnt actually pick notice of the geography of the maps lol!

But its almost certain IF a new civ gets introduced it be the Byzantines.

Because they would fit very well with Season 3 main content:

The complete overhaul of Naval combat.

Byzantine being a major naval power throughout history, although a defensive one.

They also mentioned introduction of new naval oriented maps as well.


About time!!!


Intriguing geographic observation, thanks for sharing. Might suggest both Byzantine Empire and Italians perhaps?
But AoE4 is already incredibly “Euro-centric” - half of civs are from Europe! So ‘Byz’ 1-civ DLC seems a bit unlikely, ‘Byz-Ita’ 2-civ expansion very unlikely.

Do you think the 3 emojis on twitter refer to 1, 2 or 3 distinct civilizations?

How do you reconcile this geographic hint with the supposed map of western France on second image?

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yes you’re right, maybe they could add some Civitas contextualized with France, for example the Danes, who could travel those territories, I’m just trying to deduce something, I think it’s strange to put a geographical reference, when most of the main civilizations of Age 4 did not flow into the sea, the addition of the Serbs would also be probable, since it is found above the Byzantines, I’m just thinking that it seems strange to me to choose a geographic location randomly, I think this image reinforces the exit of the Byzantine and Serbian civilization , it would also be in line with the requests of the players, given that in your survey many chose the Byzantine kingdom and Serbia would be a magnificent context to develop a new campaign, honestly I don’t know which historical peoples in those years, inhabited the Italy

I think it refers to 3 civilizations

may release new geographic images as the season progresses, Japanese Sea,

however despite everything, I think these images greatly strengthen the likelihood of civilizations written by players in the forum where they talk about Twitter

If the new civ has the same units as all the others except for a couple, is it really a new civ? Here’s hoping AoE4 begins to feel like a sequel to the franchise.


I agree, I hope that if they put a new civilization, it is very different from the others

Well thats kinda the hallmark of AoE no?
Except for AoE3 that was originally not designed or intended to be a AoE game.

Unique units or not, its how they play and progress in the game that matters more.

So far the civs we have currently is more assymetrical than the civs in AoE2, at least how you play and manage the civs.

Militarily, things tend to end up symmetric regardless.

In plastic legue, everyone spams heavy cavalry. Heck you even see this at high lvl play as well nowadays.

Even the english and french who are near identical tend to play their macro game quite differently.


I think that the Byzantine civilization is very likely, but I am quite sure that the Italians will never be added, they are a civilization too little historically accurate, Italy is too playful, perhaps the Sicilians, but also Sicily seems to me a civilization born too late

Civ design has been far more sophisticated in each of the three Age games released after aoe2. Only now with aoe4 are things moving backwards. While we are here, please cite your authority that when ensemble studios developed aoe3 it was not intended to be an age of empires game. I’ve never read that in 15 years but could have missed it.


They wanted it to be marketed as a spin-off, like Age of Mythology, and due to how different it became during development, but Microsoft didn’t allow it.

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During development, Ensemble Studios requested that Age of Empires III become a spin-off, much like Age of Mythology, due to the fact that the game had moved too far away from the Age formula; however, this was denied by Microsoft


I want to believe we will get a traditional AOE3 style expansion with three civs but I think 1 civ with a campaign is likely.

AOE4 civs are the most detailed civs in the series. Every civ has a unique architecture that evolves in age, every unit has a unique apperance for that civ that also changes with upgrades. Every civ has its own music and voice acting that also evolves by age. It is great to see but I imagine it makes each civ quite time consuming to make!

I’d love to be proven wrong though of course.


You say that to the AoE2 players about their game (who really do have more symmetrical civilizations) and, then, see what they say XD.

AoE4 shouldn’t have such a strong asymmetry if civilizations are going to be coming out from time to time.

Byzantine has a 90% chance of being a new civilization
Of course I want the dlc to be more than just one civ, I also want to see turks and vikings in the dlc
However, considering the difficulty of production, it is necessary to lower the expectation value


Just give me the Greek Byzantine and I’ll be happy :slight_smile:


I’ve read that article a few times before. I don’t think it goes so far as to say aoe3 was not intended to be an age of empires game.


Asymmetrical play with buildings but with units we just have 2 unique units per civ, HRE unique unit is a monk…