New content coming for Aoe4

Here we are. Come on, try to solve this puzzle.

What could It be?

I’m really appreciating the developers’s efforts on Aoe4. This game Is going to be more interesting with every update. Give me a Graphic DLC and i Will be pleased.


I dont know, maybe something relating to names of units or maybe hotkeys, but I havent access to game so cannot check

They also are from different ages(or different upgrades) and thats a rebauldequin not a bombard right?

gamescom. minimum is 20 characters

May be a little something to the emoji choice too.:camping::rowing_man::man_firefighter:

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And what is with gamescom? The answer is right
But what do u mean with 20 characters?

Not allowed to speak because no more than 20 characters

Hä wieso nicht?
Was ist damit gemeint ? Haha

So watch aoe4 content at gamescom and see what they might have planned. E.g. water update preview?

Weißt du, wann Gamescom stattfindet?

Aug 24 is the day it starts


DLC announcement at GAMESCON. My guess is that 3 emojis means 3 civs.

Tent: Turks/Seljuks (nomads)
Boat: Danes/Vikings
Fireman: Byzantines (Fire ships, flamethrowers)


These would be beautiful civilizations

Schöne Vermutung, aber ich glaube 3 CIV wären zu viel auf einmal. Denn beim Start standen auch “nur” 8 zur Verfügung. Demnach 3 dazu wäre etwas zu viel. Wenn tatsächlich neue CIV kommen sollten, dann nur 1-2 pro Erweiterung. Denn Sie müssen sich auch Gedanken für jede CIV machen und individuelle Anpassungen vornehmen.

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The 2 middle eastern civs sure but we arelady got plenty of Europeans give us some African and Asian civs plz!!

The important thing is that civilizations generate interest. Byzantines, Japanese, Turks or Vikings, for example, have a certain priority.


Ja, oder Spanien / Italien haben auch eine große Rollle gespielt.


It looks like it’s 8 letters and the third letter is the same as the last letter. The only thing I can think of is Meso Civs. Also, the canoe and camp/tent emoji would support that. But really, I’m taking a shot in the dark on that. Then again, look at the picture they have for Level Designer on the hiring page:

Also, for what it’s worth, that is a Mongolian Traction Trebuchet and either a Scholar or Prelate (not a monk).

Die Antwort ist schon bekannt: Gamescom.
Am 24. August ist Gamescom und da werden sie bestimmt neue Inhalte vorstellen.