New civ?

Korean can be a good choice.

But it is a pity that there is no connection with the colonial empire.

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Nordic/Sweden would be cool :ok_hand:

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eh, there was 2 nations in Scandinavia at the time Denmark(-Norway) and Sweden.

Sweden was a continental power with a strong army (esp for its population size) where as denmark was a colonial and naval power.

i think both countries should be in the game.

as for korea, eh i dont feel like they belong in AOE, like they apparently where only in AOE 2 because they wanted to sell the game to the starcraft crowd.

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Siamese, Vietnamese and Burmese were always in a powerful tussle for Southeast Asia.

My dream!!!

Wars of Liberty is kinda biased towards South America.


Even so, there are so many additions that suit the game so well, the DE III team should take notes!

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I can only hope they do.

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L O L :slight_smile: Koreans should be in the game way more than Denmark who was like nobody xD while koreans got huge heritage for that era, way more history than the entire europe continent xD. And yea Sweeden was big then as a power they should belong.

that’s a bit too much exaggeration for a peninsula to be compared with a continent…


about a 3rd of the worlds population at the time lived in europe.

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No. Where did you get that from?

我希望的新文明是 波斯、比利時、義大利、瑞典、奧匈、美國,
波斯 和 亞洲 用同一類模組;
比利時 和 西歐 用同一類模組;
義大利 和 南歐 用同一類模組;
奧匈 、 瑞典 和 東歐 用同一類模組;
美國 和 美洲 用同一類系統,但外觀獨特

The new civilization I want is Safavid, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Austria Hungary, the United States,

Among them, Safavid use the type of Asian modules ;

Belgium:The same type of modules are used in Western Europe;

Italy:The same type of modules are used in Southern Europe;

Austria Hungary and Sweden:
The same type of modules are in Inner Europe ;

The United States use the same system of the Americas, but have a unique appearance and buildings .
I hope the colonial militia in the campaign can be used.

I said it in another post and will say again. If there’s a thing I like about AoE franchise, is historical accuracy. Italians (we) were not colonizers until early 20th century (quite late) and we were not a country until 1861.

I actually hope there won’t be any new civs, all the civs connected to colonialism are already inside the game. I would just like to get more buildings, and more campaigns focusing on Central/South America and Africa.


They only colonized congo in 1870s.
Also they were founded in 1830s
They weren’t a country in aoe3’s era

ilboyy is right.

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why not organize a votetion to decide? lift all the choices and every can vote for his or her favortie.

Most people want Swedish or Korean.

well,anyway, it’s ok for me, but how do you know about it? did you ask “most of people”?:thinking:

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This topic and another topics

Sweden has so many references.

just because they are discussed doesn’t mean they are universally wanted.

i see some korea but most of the replies points out that korea was not a colonial nor major power, in fact korea was through pretty much all their history a vassal state of someone, in this periode to the chinese. personal opinion but i dont think vassal states belong in AOE, at least not as main nations, it would make more sense having them as a map ally or unique unit for their parent faction.

sweden i see more, but they aren’t the solo european power mentioned either.

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